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“Morning has broken…” (I didn’t do it!)

I loved that song as a girl. 

I’ll pop it in here for you younger readers, because I honestly can’t remember the last time I have heard it in my adulthood without hunting it down. 

Eleanor Farjeon (a lovely British writer) wrote the hymn, then Cat Stevens (AKA Yusuf Islami, AKA Steven Demetre Georgiou) introduced a ‘few’ more people to it. 



The point of all of this is a counter attack on my initial grumpy mood as my alarm went off at 6:30 am on a Saturday. (5:30 am for you on who actually observed the time change on the West coast). 

I WILL be happy.  Damn it. 

And now I’m singing this song in my head and being very grateful for ‘morning’ which almost got a good kick up the arse instead.  That counts double for Butters who sat and stared at me after I hit the alarm ‘off’, insisting that “no, it can’t possibly be Saturday? I heard the alarm, and please get up so that I can take you to the front door and then not really have to go out after all”. 

I digress.

Good Morning everyone.

Adding a morning shot of an official ‘Early Bird’

Then my early bird left – I think he was off to grab a cup of coffee.  I get you early bird, I get you.