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Musings from the Laundromat: Pins, Pods and Cookie Tins Edition

“Take it Easy” is playing on the laundromat radio – which is apropos considering the mini OCD tantrum I just had in my head.

I got here early today.  I did not want a repeat of last week.  I was rendered completely discombobulated due to my tardiness.  A laundromat hobo … with my cart and belongings, constantly on the move.

Today I have my usual spot and my items are in their usual machines.

When I arrived, after saying ‘hello’ to my laundry lady, I noticed a cotton candy haired older lady in an adorable pink jacket.

At first I wanted to put her in my cotton wool lined pocket with the rest of the adorable older folk I come across.


Not just because she was sweet looking and fluffy-haired – but bonus!  She also looked like Muriel from Courage the Cowardly Dog.


So I’ve got a half-smile on my face and headed toward the coffee, having claimed my spot and ready for some caffeine.

On the way back, I spotted cotton candy hair lady’s cart.

In it – this:


I’ll admit (and probably partially due to the fact that I hadn’t yet ingested any of the coffee) I didn’t notice … and only further sighed at how adorable she was and how I was definitely adding her to my ‘sweet older person memory pocket’.  THEN I noticed.

“Cloth’s Pins”

CLOTH’S pins???

I shouldn’t, but I hold older people to a higher standard.  I expect the older generation to at least give that little wave of thanks that has become such a dying art, when I stop in a parking lot to let them cross in front of me.

I expect the older generation to say “thank you” which, has also become a dying art, when I hold a door open for them.

I also expect, that the older generation knows how to spell.

Prude. I know.  If anything, the older generation has more of an excuse – perhaps she was pulled from school during time of war to help out at home.  OR, maybe she grew up in a poor household and there was no money for school clothes or books.  OR, perhaps she was one of many who came from a home that did not think it was important that the girls of the house even BE educated.  Anyway, I could go on ad infinitum.

Bottom line, there are plenty of reasons to blow my unreasonable expectations out of the water.

But for some reason that little container bothered me.

She used a permanent marker for crying out loud!

AND – inside of the ‘cloth’s pins’ container?



Laundry pods.  *sigh*

For some reason THAT reminded me of THIS:



Only, with her container – there was no doubt.  Those colorful laundry pods had their pod faces smooshed against the plastic.  Definitely laundry pods.

Then again – maybe this whole inner OCD turmoil is all for naught.  What if she used to keep pins in that container for cloths?  Hmmmm….

I’ll go with that, and reserve her spot in my pocket.



Paranormal Manatee Activity

For the past few nights my dog, much to my chagrin, has been pulling a ‘paranormal activity’ bed stare on me.

My dog’s name is Butters, she’s part manatee and part spastic ‘Courage the Cowardly Dog’. (See proof below)



My son has had the past couple of days off for ‘Fall break’ (how generous of them, hope you enjoyed Fall Nic).

Anyway, I’ve been staying up past my bedtime of 9 pm because I knew I could hit the snooze button for a couple of days! PAR-TY!  An hour more TV a night!

Plan seemed solid until 4 or 5 am came around.

My maternal instincts sensed a disturbance in the force.  I awoke from a deep sleep to find Butters sitting, staring at me from the side of the bed.

You know that feeling when you have to pee in the middle in the night, but don’t want to wake ALL the way up because you want to be able to go back to sleep?  So, if you’re anything like me, you try turning no lights on and keeping your eyes closed and go about your business?

Well, I got up in the darkness trying not to wake my brain all the way up by cursing the dog, and zombied out of my bedroom.  Was she wagging anxiously at the front door?  No.  Just sitting in the middle of the living room. I booted her (gently) out and waited.  That was night one.

Last night, same story – dog breath on my face – manatee lips dangerously close … just staring.

I get up, follow her out to the living room (this time she did want to go out), and even in my zombie mode, I could sense something.

Ever have your head gasket blow?  That sweet smell?  Yeah – that was in my living room.

(Cue the Twilight Zone theme song now).

So I’m wondering if there’s something more to her early morning activity.  What if she was telling me a presence was there?  I believe! I believe!  I’ve actually seen with my own eyes proof of paranormal activity so I really do believe.

But, I was entirely too tired to care.

I left her out, left the front door open so she could get back in (might as well get a burglar and serial killer welcome mat while I’m at it) and went back to bed!

I won’t be setting up cameras.  Not sure I want to see what I look like at 4 am walking around with my eyes closed in ‘I don’t want to wake all the way up’ mode.