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Easy AND CHEAP Crockpot Jigsaw Lasagna for teens, college kids & newbies!

This is SO easy and So quick to prep!  Don’t spend $$$$ on the store lasagnas!  DON’T!

I know some of you in college can’t have hot plates or other cooking ‘stuff’ in your rooms – but, you do have a communal kitchen no?  I hope you are allowed a crock pot SOMEWHERE because this is going to help.

I’m going to keep this as easy as I can.  And as CHEAP as I do it!

Ingredients I found @ the 99 cent store:

Oven ready lasagna pasta (HAS to be ‘oven ready’ read the box)

Mushrooms (Crimini are the best – they’re ‘baby bellas’ how cute is that?  And super tasty. I didn’t make it to the 99 cent store for those this time, so I’m using ridiculously flipping expensive white mushrooms for this dish.)

Pasta sauce

Minced Garlic


Ingredients I found cheap @ the regular store:

Ricotta cheese (WHOLE milk – 15 ounces)

Shredded Parmesan

Eggs (2)

Olive oil

Easy squeeze cilantro (because I’m lazy and don’t wanna spend forever on those leaves!  You can buy a bunch of cilantro also for cheap and do that instead.

READY?  Let’s make a veggie lasagna that is going to last you at least a week!!!!  (Lunch and Dinner!)


Get your crock pot out – if you don’t have one, GET ONE!  There are SO many recipes that are SO easy and SO tasty and crock pots are cheap nowadays.

Wash your hands dammit!


Get a saucepan out and put some olive oil in it.

About – a tablespoon.  Then, if it doesn’t feel like enough, add some more.  Embrace your inner culinary fool!

Chop your mushrooms.


Add some garlic and salt and pepper – however much you like.

While they’re cookin’ – let’s head to the ricotta bowl.

Add all the ricotta.

Add two eggs.

Add your cilantro, however much cheese you want (keep in mind, we’re going to be layering with cheese too …) and if you thought you didn’t add enough salt or pepper – go for it.  Be careful.


Mix it up! (A fork works)


K.  Don’t forget about those mushrooms.  Are they looking cooked?  Or smaller?  Done!  Plus, even if they DON’T, they’re going to be once added, so don’t worry about it. They will be spending 3 hours in a crock pot for crying out loud 😉

Add them to the mix!



This is one of your layers!  TA-DA!  Keep it handy.


First thing that goes into the crock pot is the red sauce.  You’re going to begin and kinda end with the red sauce.



imageTake that fork we’re using and just kinda smooth it even.

THEN! The jigsaw!

Crock pots (as far as I know) don’t come in square, or even rectangle.  SO!  We break up that lasagna noodle and have some fun.



Now it’s time to layer.

Put your Ricotta mix on top. Keep in mind – you’re going to have at LEAST two layers (maybe three) so don’t go bonkers.



Sprinkle more cheese on there (if you like REALLY cheesy lasagna – get some mozzarella!

Then, we jigsaw again!




As I said before, we start with red and end with red – so …

Pour the last of your red sauce and use that fork to spread it evenly.


Then sprinkle the crap out of that thing with CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Turn it on to ‘low’ and leave it for 3 hours.

It’s going to smell SO good cooking and TASTES AMAZING!!!!

You are a culinary genius to your ramen friends!  Yes, yes you are.  And it was cheap and it required very little talent.

I have more of these recipes in my wheelhouse – so if you like this, please ‘LIKE’ this so I know to do more. Happy homemade, cheap eating!

Hours later … (Yeah, Nic took a scoop lol)



The day I ‘fan girled out’ and became a domestic Goddess

I’ve not had time to cook – and need to be in the mood.  We’ve been eating crap.  I’m not going to lie.  Ready made meals for the men of the house, and as for me?  I eat when I’m hungry only and will participate in anything that is available.

So I downloaded a recipe or two and was determined to make them!

Eggplant Lasagna – which I’ve never made, but have enjoyed.  And, I knew I had to make some quiches again.

3 day weekend – perfect time to do this!

Oh, and as for the fan girling – that has everything to do with the Force Friday – the Force Awakens released some toys, and if you’re any kind of consistent follower of mine, you know I’m a total action figure/collectible nerd and was eager to see what was out!

Why do I love Star Wars?image

George Lucas was quoted as saying he made movies he wanted to watch.

I remember pretending to be the Princess on the primary school playground.

I had the original action figures – (where, oh WHERE are they now?!)

It fed my fantasy mind.

When Empire Strikes Back came out, I squealed in the theater.  I did the same for the next 4 movies – regardless of their merit.  I. Love. Star Wars.

End of story.

So, today, we went and checked out the toys!  I couldn’t buy any, but SO wanted Luke.  (We have to assume there’s a flashback, because he’s young in this action figure AND there’s one of Darth!)



(Yeah, you can see they were pretty much sold out – but there’s Luke. 😦 I wanted him to come home with me.)


In the second photo from the top, you can see the figure gripping my finger.  I think it wanted to come home with me too. 😉

OK. So after fan girling out, we went to the 99 cent store.

This is where I vent.

I paid freaking $3.00 per piece for the eggplants I needed at Safeway.  When we were in the 99 cent store, guess what I stumbled upon??



We left with a 10 pound bag of potatoes for 99 cents by the way.

I’m definitely shopping there first for produce from now on!

OK! So the domestic Goddess part.

I made the infamous $6.00 eggplant lasagna.


Which, was more labor intensive than I thought – but SO worth it.  Delicious!!!!

Was also the first time I worked with Ricotta cheese, and it was fun!

Then I did the quiches.


The men of the house are dubious about the eggplant, but loopy over the quiche – which is good.

It’s so nice to have fresh, homemade food in the house.  Having an extra day off was a definite motivator to be in the domestic mood today.

If they don’t cotton to the eggplant lasagna, I’m fine with that.  It’s mine! ALL MINE! Muah-ha-ha!!!!!!!!

I did make them take a bite though, and they both liked it.


Wishing all of you a happy weekend – and … may the force be with you!

Musings from the Laundromat: Facebook Food

I could have sworn Monday was the 30th – so when I spotted gummy eyeballs in a store I had to have them.  (This  is going somewhere.)  I figured I would  put my little pumpkin/ghost bowl out a few days early in anticipation of October.  I love October!  By Halloween we desert residents find  the need for a light cardigan at night and sometimes even long pants!   My favorite Seasons in the  desert are Autumn and Winter.

So out came the bowl –



Dark, I know – but he likes it that way.   We all know I have a fondness for gummy eyeballs – I’m reminded of this photo – can’t recall the post.


It wasn’t until Saturday that I realized I was ahead of myself by more than a few days … as my son pointed out ‘Now our house is like Wal-Mart’ – Not true! ! I have no Christmas decorations up yet!

Funny thing is,  I awoke to being tagged in this photo on my Facebook account by a friend – they know me – they really do.


Saturday was also Facebook food day.

Ever see a recipe someone posts on their wall and think – ‘hmmm, that looks good, I should try that’ and then never do?  Yeah, me too.

Saturday however, I made these.


I actually pulled it off!  If you’re one of those people that makes a hot meal in the morning for your family (i am not one of those people) then I’m giving this two thumbs up and recommending you try it.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees – pop a slice of ham in a muffin pan – crack an egg right into the ‘ham cup’ add whatever tidbits please you – I just used red onion, sharp cheddar, salt and pepper.  then cook for 15 minutes.  Ta-da!

I was dubious about how the egg would end up being cooked, so I scrambled a couple.  I prefered the whole egg ones.  I’d describe them as over medium.  SO good.

Then it was off to my moms for lunch.  She had lured me in with promises of hors d’oeuvres, smoked salmon and goat cheese salad AND dessert.  Not much gets me out of the house on a Saturday – but seeing my mom, eating and getting to watch a movie she recorded and said was hilarious had me heading out the door.

The salad was … EXQUISITE!  Everything complimented everything else on the plate, it was hard not to get a perfect bite on every forkful.


Then dessert.

Heres another Facebook recipe that had shown up.  Turned out to be a lovely memory for my mom and I, as she would make baked apples when I was little.

Also, it was fun playing with the little pastry cage.  She put hers on her  dog’s head and I imitated Hannibal Lecter by putting mine over my mouth.  Yes, playing with your food is acceptable.


I was stuffed.


Oh and the movie?  ‘Big Ass Spider’  which WAS hilarious thanks to Jose the Security guy and the protagonist the Bug guy.

Mostly because of Jose.  He delivered lines that literally had me laughing out loud for all the right reasons – considering it was a SyFy movie.  You know what I mean – Sharknado is fun to watch, but none of us watched it for the acting.

The scene in the morgue had me in stitches – no pun intended.


So make a Facebook food – watch Big Ass Spider and put out your Halloween knick knacks if you want to!  Life is short!  In the meantime, I’m working on a controversial piece that is requiring lots of research – so the musings will be a little more serious next weekend.

‘Til then!


Roast Beast

Snapped again.

I hold things in and then when it get’s to be too much I boil over.

My son is currently headless as I bit it off.

I had been cooking him and his friend a beef roast.  My kitchen is tiny, I was creating space for carving – while stirring mushroom gravy and fluffing the potatoes and cooking the vegetable.  All this was accomplished, barely, on probably 2 square feet of counter space.

I flipped the dog a piece of meat and got a comment from the living room (6 feet away) “Oh!  Feed the DOG before us”. 

Hold it in.

Kept cooking – almost done, where to put two plates?? 

As a hand snakes around my body to place an empty ice-cube tray into the sink  – I started to vibrate with frustration.

The microwave beeps and it’s blocked by a cup being filled with soda. 

Hold it in.

Son get’s the point (after a not so subtle ‘Really??’) leaves the kitchen.  And leaves the two plates I’ve now prepared. 

Oh hell no.

“Come and get your friends plate, then yours!”

Sulkily he comes for it.

Then the already dismantled living room is further dissected.  Well, my papers to be exact.  Since they’ve been moved from one spot to accommodate the gaming devices, they must now be moved to accommodate eating.

I stomp (very maturely, not) into the living room muttering something foul and say “Give me my things!”

And right then – I feel about as ugly as I have ever felt, but cannot stop. 

I’m hurt. 

I gave up the living room, the peace that was my Saturday so Nic could have his friend over.

I spent time cooking them a meal.

And ended up feeling used and invisible. 

I cleaned up the kitchen, washed the dishes and then took my food into my room. 

I was literally shaking.  Mad that my son never seems to be aware of his surroundings.  Mad that he doesn’t seem to appreciate me.  Mad because of his momentary lack of consideration.

I decided I would apologize for my outburst.

Until I came out with my empty plate and saw a dirty dish sitting by the sink.