Alarming leg cramps, Ibex & Soothing Food

I was extremely tired this morning, I wanted to hit my snooze button.

6 am, my alarm clock began bleating out it’s annoying sound that is set to progressively get louder. I did a half roll and WHAM! Cramp in my calf.

morning leg cramp

So not only did I not get 10 minutes more sleep, my arse was out of the bed in record time … standing down hard flat-footed for some cramp relief.

Talk about a rude awakening.


I saw something that calmed me down after heating up a cup of coffee.  LOOK at these things!  LOOK at them!!!

alpine ibex climb

Those are Alpine Ibex and they’re licking the salt off the mountainside!!  How the hell did they get up there you ask?  I’m sure you know how to work YouTube.

alpine ibex smattering

Imagine seeing that one. LOL!  “Henry!!  There’s Ibex on the wall again!”  Henry’s response: “Dam”.

Anyway, so I’m giggling and sharing and making the comment that if coffee or cake deposits were on the mountainside, I might do that climb.

(Of course, we know I’d definitely NOT do that climb, not for love nor money.)

But the thought of coffee and cake now has me in food mode.

I decided to self sooth after my traumatic leg cramp and did something I haven’t done in years. (Ok, this also has a lot to do with the fact that I still haven’t gone grocery shopping.) I drove thru McDonald’s for breakfast on the way to work!

Did you know they have egg white mcmuffins now? Probably not that much healthier considering it came with the usual hash browns. No hash whites accompany them that’s for sure.

So that was breakfast … then I discovered this AMAZING lunch item (also due to the fact that I have not yet been grocery shopping.)

My original mission was: Fetch wrapping paper, grab a food item, return to work.

I entered Wal-Mart through the garden section and picked out my paper – along with some adorable bows and was sauntering down the gift tag aisle when I noticed the line.  Oh hell no.  Put bows back – left with nothing.  Time to grab food and get back.

Only restaurant with a drive through was Wienerschnitzel.

I’m not a big fan – but figured since I’d already blown eating healthy today, might as well sooth (not sure what I was soothing at this point) with a burger and fries.

There was this thing of beauty on the menu that I had never heard of before.


It is called: The Jalapeno Poppers Chili Burger!

I don’t do ‘wet’ bread – so I asked them to make it minus the chili …

When I got back to the office with my little delicious smelling paper bag of gluttony … I prepared.  Napkin.  Plate.

I could never have prepared for that first bite.  Mother of GAWD!!!!!!  The popper burst and released its cheesy innards – while the crunch of the pepper balanced out the bun and the meat …

It was probably the most delightful burger bite I’ve ever had.

And if it were on a steep mountain, I might actually pull an Ibex move on it.



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I've traveled 4 continents, affording me experiences and adventures to last a lifetime. Most important was the exposure to other cultures, beliefs and lifestyles. I'm also mom to one of the most amazing human beings I know.

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  1. We do not have a Der Wienerschnitzel… (hot dog) place here good for me or I’d have to get a job there to support my habit!

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