Morning Manatees, Royal magic and cheesecake

Good Morning to you, good morning to you.
We’re all in our places
With sunshiny faces,
and this is the way
to start a new day!

I beg to differ.  My face feels like a handful of sand was tossed at it by a drunken Sandman.  He did get some granules in my eyes – that must be why they’re sore and grainy. 

OR … or … it could be that my dog pulled her ‘there shall be no alarms, who wants to be alarmed?  C’mon, I’ll gently rouse you from sleep by creeping around the bed, then staring at you” routine again.

It IS Saturday right?  Yes.  And yet, at 5am, I was up.  Stomping to the front door being led by my manatee with hair.


I’m getting pretty redundant writing about Butters. 

I’m thinking of changing my blog name to ‘Musings-from-the-laundromat-about-Butters’  That would pretty much encompass my posts. 

So, I am in fact up.

It is what it is.  She is what she is.  The morning has broken and since I’m too tired to start cleaning it up, I’ll share some exciting news.

It’s not my news.  Or is it?  If I’m sharing the news – is it technically … oh, never mind.


I have a brother in the UK.  He works at Warner Bros.  Well … (she says, like an eager, sparkly eyed gossip) … guess who he got to meet yesterday? 

Click Here

AND … (she leans in closer for effect)

He was the one that got to hand Prince Harry his wand!  (If I am to believe my brother-in-law’s post on his wall, which I do.) 

Haven’t seen anything on my brothers wall about it yet, but he’s been too busy hob nobbing with Royalty I suppose. I’ll be grilling him  soon about all the details.  The horse’s mouth will be parched by the time he’s done answering all my questions.  Wait, he’ll be typing.  Horses hoof?

Pretty cool if you ask me. 

I had 2 pieces of cheesecake yesterday.  That was pretty much the hi-light of my day. 

I had been coveting the cheesecake through a glass door. 

There was a meeting going on that was none of my business, but the dessert caught my eye. 

It’s who you know people, it’s who you know. 

That meeting broke and I had already sent my ‘don’t think I didn’t notice that cheesecake in there’ email to someone who’s business the meeting was.

Dessert tangent.  Sorry.  Hey – ‘Dessert Tangent’.  That would be a great name for a little shop. 

Back to my sibling story.

He’s talented too – made Nic and I these wand replicas before he worked there.  (Oooo!  Foreshadowing!!!!)


Perhaps I can wave one at Butters while saying: Expecto Patronum!  That should clear the area of Butters the Demented.  Or does that just work on Dementors?  Hmmm ….

OR, I could just stick one up her nostril until she gets the hint.

I’ll give it some more thought when my brain wakes up.


*update … Story confirmed and got some other tid bits I can’t share … Also had to remove my brothers name due to strict social media rules. Warner Bros. has a privacy thing with their staff. But let me just play Perez Hilton for a moment and say … One person who was there has an epic imagination ;)*


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  1. ‘Six degrees of separation’…If you work it right, Butters will be invited to hang out with the Royals, you get some sleep AND get to play with the new baby…which of course will be named Butters, whether it be a boy or a girl! 🙂

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