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Friday Morning pants

I can’t make decisions until I’ve had at least one cup of coffee – and even then, at 6:30 am, I’m not promising they’ll be good ones.

So I’m checking my Facebook – the coffee is brewing and Nic comes into the kitchen.

“Can I stay home today?”


“Well, I thought about it.  I can get my note cards done – we’ll probably still have a sub in 3rd hour most likely and I can do the ‘verb of the week’ on Monday”.

“Oh … are you sick?”


My brain is trying to recall his grades from my last look at the school website, I’m trying to find any part of me that’s awake to protest.  Too tired.

“Hey, at least I’m being honest” he adds.

Yeah, there’s that.  I decide I can’t protest.  Grades are good, and my brain is still asleep.

He wanders off.

I look up to see him returning in his uniform.

“I thought you weren’t going?”

“yeah, well … my pants were there so I figured why not”.