Musings from the Laundromat: Unbrushed hair and Gratitude with a Stranger edition.

I’m going to have to start coming here on Saturday’s versus my usual Sunday’s.  Once again the laundromat was already a hustle and bustle of carts and clothes and people.

I woke at 7:50 and didn’t even bother to brush my hair in order to get here before the crowd – probably I should have taken that extra minute because it didn’t make a difference.

Laundry Lady has bronchitis, but she’s here.  And still has a smile on her face.  I’d love to know more about her.  With the limited time she has to talk to me each week, it would be hard to interview her.

I also got to see Glaucoma Man.  He is feeling good and received positive news about his heart.

“I was thinking about you – and here you are.”  He said.

Odd isn’t it?  That random people think of you.

Odd and sweet.

I have much cleaning to do today – home inspection on Tuesday.  Not that my home is ever a disgrace, but I suppose I’m pulling the equivalent of a woman fixing their hair before going to a salon.

This from the woman who didn’t even brush her hair this morning.

I should have been doing that yesterday, but for some reason Turner Classic Movies sucked me in and I found myself watching movies from the 1940’s and enjoying doing nothing.

Now I’m watching people fold – thinking of all I still have to do and glancing at the timer on my dryers.

Oh, one more thing.  I was outside earlier and a man I’d never met before said, “What a way to spend the morning eh?”  I smiled and said, “I just think about all those who would give anything to be here. ” Then added, “Look at that view.”


And we both stood and took in the gorgeous mountain range and for that moment were united in gratitude.

Two strangers just taking in the beauty of what is around us.

“Yeah.”  He said.



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