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The hairy raspberry

Had a hungry day today – which happened to coincide with an office meeting next door that had a veritable buffet in the break room.  I tried the ‘I’ll just take half a donut, and some fruit’ route – but that didn’t last long.  Half a donut and some fruit is an appetizer really.

I traveled back for another half a donut and some more fruit.

Whilst in a sugar stupor,  I stared at the raspberries on my plate and wondered “why do they have hair?”

My first thought was, ‘oh – maybe to ward off pests and small critters from nibbling them while they’re growing’.  But that hardly seemed a fair hand dealt by nature for the poor,  defenseless, bald blueberries on my plate!

I obsess over things like this.  I do.  Anything I don’t know I HAVE to know.

In a moment of quiet at my desk, I guiltily Googled ‘why do raspberries have hair?’.  (A sentence I never thought I’d type).

Well!  It’s to help them seed.  They are the remnants of the pistils, the female portion of the flower.  Big let down.  I wanted them to have some really bizarre secret life or something.

I didn’t wonder anything about my sandwich or chips.  Didn’t wonder much about the Raisinets I wolfed down after my initial sugar high dissipated either.

Pretty sure I’m skipping dinner.