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Plans, Posters and imaginary Parenthood

Gawd – I’m feeling the pressure to write some amazing year-end ‘blow your socks off’ post.  No one is putting this on me – I’m quite capable of creating impossible real and imagined tasks all by myself.

So – I’ll just say this.

I have plans tomorrow.


(AND, there’s more, I reconnected with an old friend last night and we’re actually going to see each other … hopefully February!)

The way my plans went down was funny in a kind of sad but true way …

Friend: “We should go to dinner on New Years Eve”

Me:  *Awkward ‘deer heard a leaf crunch’ stare*

Friend: “C’mon!  You said you were going to do more

Me: “I did things this year”

Friend: “Those things weren’t this year”

Me: “Yes they were!!! We did like, THREE things this year!!”

Friend: “No we didn’t”

Me: “Yup, dinner, tortoise ….”

Friend: “Oh, yeah I guess it was this year”


But how sad is it that ‘We already DID something this year’ was my go to excuse??? LOL!

Now I’m deciding what to wear …

Either this shirt:

unite separately

Or this one??


Won’t much matter – it’s not like I’ll be counting down to midnight in it.  We’re going to meet at the restaurant at 4:30.  “That’s when OLD people eat!”  she said … I just raised my eyebrows.

We’re not getting any younger.

Bonus, her adorable granddaughter is coming too – who is growing up WAY too fast, just like every other adorable baby ever born.


Speaking of adorable babies growing up too quickly … my son stopped by yesterday bearing gifts.  No it wasn’t a baby.

(But he had me totally scared the other night when he ran to find me in the house and asked “What were you going to name me if I was a girl???”  After I answered, he pounced off.   I took a beat before pouncing after him “Wait!!!! You’re playing SIMS right???  Please tell me you’re playing SIMS!”)

He was.


ANYWAY!  He brought me … Nerdvana!  A Jesse Pinkman doll … an Abraham Series 6 Walking Dead doll and … A 6 FOOT POSTER OF DARYL DIXON!!!!!!!  YES!!!!!!!

I put it up last night.  I was reminded of my teeny bopper days.  I remember carefully removing the center fold of my Circus magazine and adding to my expansive wall décor … my long-haired loves. Mostly Nikki Sixx … Swoon!  And Tom Keifer.   Many  staple related injuries were due to those two.


Last night a framed Ansel Adams moved aside for Daryl.

Then I decided to be silly with it … (this is why I can’t leave the house people … I am NOT normal!)

I posted this on Facebook with the caption: “I hate for you to see us arguing, but he did just bring up Carol!”


Listen, I’ll do the dinner tomorrow … but I think I’m only being fair when I give my friends an out.  I cannot be held responsible for any oddness that may ensue at that early seating. LOL!  May the force be with you Denice – you brought this on yourself.

And HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!  May 2015 be filled with love and light and laughter … wishing you all the very best always!






Said goodbye to my son this morning and actually did a typing motion with both of my thumbs as I said “check in!”  This is what it’s come to.

I miss him lately.

This weekend he’s off to judge a speech and debate event in Phoenix. Then house sitting – then working – then I might see him Monday.

Ok, I miss him a lot lately.

I often think about those posts I wrote when he was still in school (High School) and I was lamenting how fast time was flying by even back then!

I didn’t even have to miss him then.

It’s hard for every parent I’m sure – but when you’re a single parent and nearly two decades have revolved (happily) around one person and suddenly they don’t need you – and their exit date is looming well … it’s disconcerting to say the least.


It’s hard to talk about it with anyone – because I usually get the ‘Yeah well, kids grow up, that’s how it works!’ speech. Or, ‘Find a hobby!’

I KNOW this is how it works.

I want him to thrive and explore, stumble a little – learn from his mistakes, brush himself off and thrive again.

I want him to spread those amazing wings!!

This is me remember?!  The one who made it a priority to get him a passport! The one who sent him off to England to see more than our backyard.

I was even prepared for him to not want to return from that trip.

So my point here is – there are no apron strings tying him to me. The umbilical cord is cut.


But oh how I love him.

For all this time, he’s been the constant in my life.

We’ve had ups and downs but always had each other.



I don’t laugh as much anymore – because he’s not around much anymore. I feel his absence in ways I can’t even explain.


No, he is not responsible for my happiness.  No, it is not his fault that I feel this way.

I am simply sharing these raw facts honestly with you.

Because if I am being completely honest – I have been changing, and it’s not for the better.

Things I used to love to do, I’m not doing anymore. I feel unmotivated – a little lost.

I’ve wondered, is it because I’m alone with myself and really not sure who I am without the ‘mom’ tag on?

Then I realize that probably it’s a culmination of many years and many things that I’ve been able to sweep aside to some degree, because I had something more important to focus on.

My boy.




We all go through this at some point. ‘Finding ourselves’ – and while that phrase is often mocked – it is a relevant phase.


But I thought I had found myself.

Now it feels like I lost her – our hands slipped apart in my crowded head.



I’m the first to admit my writing has gone downhill.

The first to agree ‘I don’t have a life’ when people joke about me never wanting to go anywhere.

I still say things at work or in groups that aren’t understood and end up feeling like an alien.

I don’t fit in.

I’ll mention thoughts that pop into my head and others look at me like I’m crazy. “You’ve never thought that?” I’ll ask. “Um, no.” is the usual response.


So I get quieter.


I thought the answer was to put more of myself ‘out there’. Be braver. Share more. Embrace the part of me that is clearly different from most. But then I was told I thought too much – shared too much.


So I’m getting even quieter.


Sometimes I feel so locked inside myself that I could scream.


I go through the motions of ‘fitting in’ knowing I’m not pulling it off.

Then every once in a while – the couch across from me is filled by this person who gets me.

Who makes me laugh.

Who has similar thoughts and similar humor … and I am happy.

And I fit in.


“What are you going to do when I leave?” he once asked.

I didn’t really answer. I sarcastically brushed him off with a ‘I have always taken care of myself’ – but what I was really doing was taking care of him.  And that’s all I wanted to do.

What will I do when he leaves?

I don’t know.

I don’t know that answer.

I haven’t got to that chapter yet – and I don’t read ahead.

But I will miss him. That much I know.