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Plans, Posters and imaginary Parenthood

Gawd – I’m feeling the pressure to write some amazing year-end ‘blow your socks off’ post.  No one is putting this on me – I’m quite capable of creating impossible real and imagined tasks all by myself.

So – I’ll just say this.

I have plans tomorrow.


(AND, there’s more, I reconnected with an old friend last night and we’re actually going to see each other … hopefully February!)

The way my plans went down was funny in a kind of sad but true way …

Friend: “We should go to dinner on New Years Eve”

Me:  *Awkward ‘deer heard a leaf crunch’ stare*

Friend: “C’mon!  You said you were going to do more

Me: “I did things this year”

Friend: “Those things weren’t this year”

Me: “Yes they were!!! We did like, THREE things this year!!”

Friend: “No we didn’t”

Me: “Yup, dinner, tortoise ….”

Friend: “Oh, yeah I guess it was this year”


But how sad is it that ‘We already DID something this year’ was my go to excuse??? LOL!

Now I’m deciding what to wear …

Either this shirt:

unite separately

Or this one??


Won’t much matter – it’s not like I’ll be counting down to midnight in it.  We’re going to meet at the restaurant at 4:30.  “That’s when OLD people eat!”  she said … I just raised my eyebrows.

We’re not getting any younger.

Bonus, her adorable granddaughter is coming too – who is growing up WAY too fast, just like every other adorable baby ever born.


Speaking of adorable babies growing up too quickly … my son stopped by yesterday bearing gifts.  No it wasn’t a baby.

(But he had me totally scared the other night when he ran to find me in the house and asked “What were you going to name me if I was a girl???”  After I answered, he pounced off.   I took a beat before pouncing after him “Wait!!!! You’re playing SIMS right???  Please tell me you’re playing SIMS!”)

He was.


ANYWAY!  He brought me … Nerdvana!  A Jesse Pinkman doll … an Abraham Series 6 Walking Dead doll and … A 6 FOOT POSTER OF DARYL DIXON!!!!!!!  YES!!!!!!!

I put it up last night.  I was reminded of my teeny bopper days.  I remember carefully removing the center fold of my Circus magazine and adding to my expansive wall décor … my long-haired loves. Mostly Nikki Sixx … Swoon!  And Tom Keifer.   Many  staple related injuries were due to those two.


Last night a framed Ansel Adams moved aside for Daryl.

Then I decided to be silly with it … (this is why I can’t leave the house people … I am NOT normal!)

I posted this on Facebook with the caption: “I hate for you to see us arguing, but he did just bring up Carol!”


Listen, I’ll do the dinner tomorrow … but I think I’m only being fair when I give my friends an out.  I cannot be held responsible for any oddness that may ensue at that early seating. LOL!  May the force be with you Denice – you brought this on yourself.

And HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!  May 2015 be filled with love and light and laughter … wishing you all the very best always!

Dixon dreams, plastic cheese & rogue gifts

Dreamed of Daryl Dixon last night.  This pleased me.


Butters and I went to bed early – I was so tired yesterday I didn’t go grocery shopping AGAIN!

I started to make my lunch this morning, pulled two slices of bread out of the fridge, laid them on a paper towel, headed back to the fridge for some fillings only to discover, there were none.

Butters looked very disappointed, so she got a piece of Kraft cheese (the plastic wrapped kind, that will NEVER find itself anywhere near a sandwich of mine unless it’s grilled.)

cheese slice

So I’m sat without lunch and wondering if I’ll find the energy to go to the shop tonight. I mean, I HAVE to – but it’s so lovely and chilly out, all I want to do is drive straight home and put my comfy clothes on and snuggle in.

There’s also the issue of my car. *sigh* Yup. So the key is still randomly sticking and refusing to come out of the ignition from time to time. Yes, I wiggled the steering wheel. Yes, I pushed in before turning key. Yes, it’s in park when I do these things. I’m thinking shifter cable issue. I’m also thinking that is going to have to wait until after Christmas – which … is only a week away!!!!

I went rogue on one of Nic’s gifts – it was no where on any of his wish lists. I obviously can’t share what it is, but I’m SO hoping he likes it.

I can’t wait to see his face on Christmas morning. That’s my favorite part. Seeing him open his gifts.

I’m also thinking this weekend, after I finish up my shopping and settle down for a long Winters wrap – I’ll be indulging in some Nog.

I have the spirit! It has me! Now if I just had some Havarti and hummus, I’d have a sandwich.