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More holiday fun

I’m like a kid – I’ll play with the boxes and ribbons instead of the present – as proven here.


A basket of goodies came and I was all over those ribbons like a cat.  Okay, a naughty cat, but when it comes to someone holding a camera – I have to be a ham (or, a chocolate pasty stripper?!)

My son called later in the day.

Nic: The UPS man is here

(I hear Butters barking like crazy in the background)

Nic: Says ‘perishable’ – I’m openin’ it.

Me: Who’s it addressed to?

Nic: Amanda

Me: Then you’re not openin’ it

Nic: Oooo …. working on the corners

Me: Nic don’t!

He didn’t.

I play a game called Big Fish – been playing it for years.  When you’re a hermit, you still need entertainment – and it’s a free social casino type game.  Fun fun!

Anyway, I got an email a few days back saying they’d like to send me a gift.

Moi?! Ok!

Responded to email – it was legit.

Came home and opened the box – ok, Nic ended up openin’ it – and inside:




Here’s what was inside:


It was only later Nic and I had the same realization –

“Aren’t those candy apples in the news??”

We decided they meant the hard caramel/toffee kind and chocolate covered were fine.

Nic also made dinner tonight.  I’m swamped with holiday miracles!


Ok – maybe the aftermath was not such a miracle – but I decided to choose my battles – be VERY grateful for the meal (it was delicious) and do the dishes for him. 😉

Afterall, ’tis the season of giving.  Giving the chef a break. 🙂