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Chalk Bear and Dragonfly

Sharing a couple of photos taken last week, while I think about what I want to ‘Muse’ about here at the laundromat.

I think I’ve decided the cloud photo will be the test I use to make sure people in my life are on my wave length.

If you see a bear awkwardly holding a piece of chalk in the photograph below, you’re in the right place.


And Friday, oddly enough, I had been discussing dragonflies with a friend at work.  I came out of the office and right next to my car, saw this poor little beauty.  Strange though – one of those coincidences that gives me pause.



My usual ‘Musings from the Laundromat’ will be written from home, as they’re not open yet.

I’ve been up since just before 5 O’Clock thanks to Butters, my restless bedroom companion.  3 times last night she wanted to go outside … just to bark at something and hang out on the porch.  And that was a good night.

So here I am, sleepy, but happy and trying to find the words to describe the past week.  I’m not sure I can.

‘Awake’ is a good start.


Haven’t been sleeping much … but the way I see it, if I’m blessed to be very old one day, I’ll look back and smile at experiences, not the time I spent asleep. 

Besides, my mind is wide awake.  As is my heart is and my soul.

A series of connections and coincidences keep occurring.

It is as if all the intangibles that have made me who I am, ancestry, music, beliefs, memories, words I’ve read, places I’ve been – have found their counterpoint.

I’ve always liked to think that when I experience Déjà vu it is a sign that I am right where I am meant to be. But I have not experienced anything like this past week before.

No sense that something has happened before, only that it was meant to.