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“Bah Luvbug!”

I’ve been hitting the conversation hearts I stocked up in my office ‘for the customers’ like a crack fiend.  They’re are a LOT better these days than they used to be FYI.  The pink ones don’t taste like Pepto Bismol anymore – and the white ones don’t taste like chalk. 

The other day I happened to actually look at one of the hearts before inhaling it … and to my horror and chagrin. It was BLANK!


What the heck?  Is that bad luck?  Foreshadowing?  A really bad omen?  Is it as bad as getting a blank fortune from a fortune cookie??  (And for someone not interested in having a valentine, I’m sure worked up over this heart aren’t I?)

My friend Lisa so amusingly said ‘you’re supposed to turn it around’. 

Ha ha.

I can assure you there was no writing on either side.

I am doomed.  DOOMED I tell you.

But – the rest of you be sure to have a happy Valentines Day tomorrow.  

Love you all bunches!

(Oh, and no, you don’t have to adjust the color on your monitor – I am now a Brunette.  Thought I’d see if I got any smarter – it isn’t working yet)