The Birth of Debauchery Soup – and how Fate reared its head to remind me

I was wide-eyed today.

Nothing much shocks me.  Nothing much disturbs me (which is really sorta sad) , nothing much surprises me  – and I cut my eyes at anything online with a very ‘going to check Snopes’ eye.

So – I live in the desert.  That much has been offered up.  I will not share where.

But, the one time of the year that the temperature is PERFECT, we have an obscene wind.  A wind that whips through yards, blows patio furniture into pools – roof parts into neighbors yards etc.

My shed has taken this wind – and the wind has taken its toll.


Here’s the thing.

The shed used to be full.

I told my landlady that it was being destroyed bit by bit every strong wind we had.

It got to the point that each rain, my ‘things’ were being destroyed.

Items were ruined.  Suitcases, Books (yeah, real ones, not the ones on nook – I had Lady Bird and Mr. Men books in there – 1st edition)

ANYWAY – taking the high road – and knowing these are FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS, I digress.

My landlady is sending someone out to remove the shed of death.  Because, let’s face it, one more piece flys, and someone can be decapitated or property can be MAJORLY damaged!

She will have someone come out and dismantle the ‘death shed’.

I had my family (son and fiance) put shed items on the patio today – yesterday, bless his heart, my honey emptied the shed, but we were lookin’ like the neighbors with our shite out in the yard.

Going through it, I tossed tapes, yeah, TAPES, of music that I LOVED, salvaged photos of my son that had not been water drenched.

Many cards that mean nothing to me anymore and just ‘stuff’ I can live without.

During this, I found something very meaningful.

Stay with me – I know this is long.

Debauchery Soup.


So, guess what?

Back in the day, in Professor Mooney’s class, we had to make 20 copies of what we wrote for the creative writing class.

It was passed out, anonymously, and our fellow classmates commented on it.

After Jim and I reconnected, I searched for a long time for ‘Purple Haze’ – the piece I wrote in college that began our collaboration on a comic.

We had shared a creative writing class.

(Commented on our writing in ink.)

I still have multiple copies of other writings, with comments, in my ‘memory box’.

But, I could not, for the LIFE of me, find my piece, ‘Purple Haze’.

And, yeah, I know what you’re thinking.   But, I (sorry) had no knowledge at that time of Mr. Hendrix.

My dad went to New York on a business trip, and I asked him in my youthful ignorance, to bring me back something from ‘Bloomingdale’s’.

I got a neon phone.

And, it cast a purple haze on my room at night – it glowed pink during daytime.

It was see through – and amazing.

And inspired … ‘Purple Haze’.

Today, I came home early after collecting my prescriptions and with the need to go through, and clean out the items salvaged from the shed.

Guess what I found?

Too much foreshadowing?


Not only did I find ‘Purple Haze’.

The ONLY existing copy.


The person who commented on it?


Yeah …

I know that handwriting.

The ONLY existing copy of Purple Haze – the predecessor  to the Arnold art ….


was commented on by the one and only …. Jim.  My current fiancée.

We shared that class. And the only copy has HIS handwriting on it.

Much like the picture above survived his Chicago house fire.

SO …. fate?????

And as for the blog name?


This was the actual day that I decided on a name for a book.  After my ‘pill’ paragraph and the comment, ‘soupy’.  How many people HAVE that??  Amazing.

I love that the only copy of Purple Haze has my future husbands handwriting on it – but it has one other persons also.

He did not write ‘Soupy’.

And I’m waiting for confirmation of who did.

And if it’s who I think it is – we have a bigger story.  To be continued ….

About debaucherysoup

I've traveled 4 continents, affording me experiences and adventures to last a lifetime. Most important was the exposure to other cultures, beliefs and lifestyles. I'm also mom to one of the most amazing human beings I know.

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