Musing from the Laundromat: Hunger Games & Empty Coffee Pots edition

This place is getting more and more like the Hunger Games.  I went to bed early last night – determined to be here exactly at 8 a.m. To grab my washing machines.

Then did the ‘Are you going to be using this one?’ routine again.

I stuck it out though.  A man whose items were almost done told me so, and I stayed close by him.  Maybe a little too close.  The man was a sturdy Hawaiian and I was on him like a toddler on a leg.

But I got three machines in a row.



I decided I didn’t want to balance two baskets, a purse AND a to-go cup today, besides, there’s coffee here.

First thing I spied with my little eye (other than way too many people already in various stages of laundry considering the place just opened) was the empty coffee pot.

I needn’t have worried.

Me: Good morning!

My laundry lady: Mornin’.

Me: How are you?

My laundry lady: I’m ok.  Do you want coffee?  I didn’t make any because no one drank any of it yesterday.

Me: Oh yes please!  I didn’t bring mine.


She so gets me.


After successfully adopting the Hawaiian mans washing machines, I ventured back to the counter for the freshly made coffee.

Me: How is it that people are almost done with their laundry if you don’t open until 8?

My laundry lady: I get here early, and if they’re my regulars, I let them in.  You can come early.

Awww!  I’m one of ‘her regulars’.  And I have Disney Fast Pass clearance.

We then chatted about how I would feel weird encroaching on her before they were officially open.

I would too.  We talked about that.  I’m such a rule follower it’s ridiculous.

I don’t speed.  I don’t ‘touch’ if it says ‘Do Not Touch’.  I’ll wait until the clock strikes the exact opening time of an establishment.


I am though.  I’m a square.

There’s this little old man sitting in front of me – reminds me of Elmer Fudd. Not in a rude way.  He just does … and he looks so quiet and sweet.


Then he stood up, and the back of his shirt says “Buck Off!” with a picture of an antlered deer.



The square in me widened her eyes … the other part of me giggled.

I wonder where he got it.  Did he spot it at a sporting store and just have to have it?  Was it a gift from his wife?  A friend?  A grandchild?

I’m too curious for my own good.  I want to know the story behind everything.  Good thing is, I’m not superficially nosey, just genuinely curious.

Or is that just a polite way of saying ‘nosey’?

This morning, Butters was sniffing around Nic’s ‘go bag’ (he came in late from a trip to Phoenix for a Speech & Debate competition.)  She’s always sniffing something new.  Goes bonkers if a new ‘thing’ enters the house, and only relaxes if I touch it in front of her.

This gets a little awkward if it’s an electrician or handy man – I have to ask them if I can touch their pant leg.

Anyway, this morning she was completely submerged in Nic’s bag and I said “Hey nosey pants!”  And then imagined what ‘Nosey Pants’ might look like.

Tangent.  Sorry.

But yeah, that’s been my morning so far.

And today is my Mums birthday.  Shout out to her.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY!  I’ll be crossing the river and encroaching on her after a few chores.  With a little gift bag in hand.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Sunday – and NEXT Sunday, I shall not be alone in the laundromat … If I can type and laugh at the same time, I’ll share that with you.

For now …



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I've traveled 4 continents, affording me experiences and adventures to last a lifetime. Most important was the exposure to other cultures, beliefs and lifestyles. I'm also mom to one of the most amazing human beings I know.

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