‘Twas the day after Christmas … (AKA: Boxing Day)

Ah Christmas!  It’s over.  *sniff sniff*  My favorite part of the day was spending it with those I love.

I’ll share some of those moments with you.


My comment regarding the Walking Dead figure on Facebook was: “Me and 10 inches of Rick Grimes!” Which was met with the expected ‘That’s what she said” comment from my fun friend Penny. LOL!  I have to admit, I was eyeballing that ginormous box of candy when I was in the store selling it – but I don’t shop for me when I’m Christmas shopping – SO glad it caught the eye of my mom.

Here’s my future rock star son doing all manner of future rock star things – including snoozing after a meal.


I have to say – I do believe he actually tuned the damn thing!!  He has an ear for music and I’m SO glad I got him the guitar.  He brought it with us to my moms and found chords that actually sounded like chords etc!


The animals … it was REALLY hard to get a good photo of Butters in the morning (at 5:30, when Nic came into my room with our stockings, it’s hard to get a good photo of anything).  She was so wiggly and excited – all I got were blurry shots.  I did however love these two photos of some of my moms pets – and the last one is the best photo I managed to get of ‘Christmas Butters’.


Now – there’s a story behind that cat in a box.

When my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I told her (in complete earnestness) ‘Paper towels, toilet paper and those laundry sprinkle things!’

You know how expensive those items can make a trip to the store!!  There’s barely enough cash left for food when you have run out of the main staples of the household.  So there was this big box for me – and ta-da!  Sure enough. I got my wish.

The cat (Plucky) then did the typical ‘oh there’s a box and I’m a cat’ thing.

The second cat is one whom I call ‘FOO’. (His name is Curry.)  I’m fond of him.  So I started saying to my mom – “Where’s fond of one?”  F.O.O. The birth of a new name.


The food.

Oh my goodness.  It’s been so long since I’ve had red meat – and yesterday, when there was prime rib on the table, I could have wept with joy.  AND Yorkshire Pudding!  I was in heaven.

Now … that bottom right photo has a story too.  It was the tiniest brussel sprout ever!  I shared it on Facebook and my mom, who should know better considering my affinity for inanimate objects, proceeded to write ‘stuff’.

sprout story

Yeah … I get my humor from her.  And I passed it like a disease to my son. LOL!

Speaking of the both of them … here’s some people shots.  Nic will always bust out the ‘majestic’ pose for giggles.  That’s what he’s doing in the fireplace room.



Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas if you celebrated it.

And NO!  Boxing Day has nothing to do with boxing – and I’ll celebrate it after work.

Let me tell you a little about Boxing Day.

The day after Christmas, we used to have a ‘open house’ of sorts for all friends and family – pretty much anyone who wanted to come.  Lots of food, drink and merriment.  There was usually a gift in the tree for all who came.

Boxing day in the UK was the day the house servants received their boxes – after all, they were busy Christmas Day attending to the household they worked for right?  Also the day you would acknowledge workers like your milkman, postman … a general ‘thank you’ and fun fun fun!

I’ve also heard it’s called Boxing Day because it’s the day all the Christmas boxes are put away.  I think that was just a ploy on my moms behalf to get us to clean up.

Just think of it as the day those who were of service to you all year got THEIR Christmas boxes. 🙂



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