EHarmonious enough in my house

There are still single, attractive, sane people in the world you know.  For all of us who have at one time lamented “All the good ones are taken”.  Oh no they’re not. 

They either have ‘I have run out of $#%&’s’ to give about dating’ syndrome. 

Or have decided, ‘Its lovely to be able to pee with the bathroom door open and not have to put down my book when I’m reading in order to engage with someone needing attention’

Or both.

Some, like me, started out with ‘I will focus on raising my child first, then worry about dying alone’ then found that peeing with the door open and reading uninterrupted in the bedroom was something she could get used to.

Others, like a few friends of mine, refused to settle and THEN got comfy not having to adhere to anyone elses schedule, cater to anyone elses desires and needs and also, enjoy being able to pee with the door open.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still nice to be appreciated.

Went to Wal-Mart yesterday, and a man looked at me and said, “What a beautiful woman”.  It didn’t creep me out.  He said it in earnest and with no apparent ulterior motive.  Nice.  I told him ‘thank you’ and you bet I posted it on my Facebook page.  (At first I left out the part where he said it from his seated position in the electric shopping cart. It was still really nice getting a compliment.)

Received a message from a friend in California that evening. And I quote:

“so, i was at CVS tonight, when i ran into to a guy i use to date in my late teens, early 20’s. I hadn’t seen him for years, we chatted for a few minutes, etc. and he asked i wanted to get dinner sometime. i said yes, as no just seemed rude, and i was intrigued. i get outside and he shows me his ankle bracelet………..he was busted for growing pot last year. He said it was legal for the medicinal marijuana, but they got caught with too much, WHATEVER. he also lives with his parents again…………….SERIOUSLY UNIVERSE WTF, the first time i get asked out in years and this is what i get!”


After I was finished literally laughing out loud, I did point out that at least she got asked out.  Besides, he’s self-employed, close to his family and has great taste in women!  I then laughed my arse right off.

The fact of the matter is, this friend of mine is drop dead gorgeous.  She’s also smart, compassionate, employed, and funny as hell.  But is afflicted with the same lethargy as me. 

It’s just SO nice to be HOME! 

AND we don’t mind being alone.  Crazy as it might sound. We actually like ourselves. Neither of us are lonely when alone. We both did our ‘thang’ in our 20’s.  Trust me when I say we were no wall flowers in those clubs. So there’s this ‘been there, done that’ factor to toss into the mix too.

(The blog is called debauchery soup for a reason friends)

I have decided that our destiny will be to share a home 50 years from now with an abundance of cats and there will be porch time to spin a yarn or two about our 20’s … and 30’s. 


Maybe there’s even a chance we’ll create some stories about our 40’s. 

There is someone who has caught my fancy, but long distance things don’t tend to work out.  Although, to be fair, at this point in my life, and with my energy level, across town is long distance.

First step I suppose: make the effort to go beyond the comfort of  home, and learn to shut the door when peeing.

P.S.  I’ll have you know that today I DID have a date.  Here I am with it.


About debaucherysoup

I've traveled 4 continents, affording me experiences and adventures to last a lifetime. Most important was the exposure to other cultures, beliefs and lifestyles. I'm also mom to one of the most amazing human beings I know.

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  2. Well, at least you had a ..’date’!!

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    Love this…

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