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What about YOU? Part 1

I had come to the conclusion in an earlier post that something I love to do is learn about other cultures, and that one day I wanted to return to some countries I’ve been blessed to visit and share the experience with my son.

Thanks to a reblog, I’ve had hits from the U.S., England, South Africa, Pakistan, New Zealand, Spain, Malaysia, Canada, India, Japan, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.  Here I have an amazing opportunity to get some perspectives from a diverse group!

You could say in some fashion my wish was granted.

So here’s part 1 of ‘What about You?’

There are so many questions I want to ask – but let’s start with some random ones.

1) Where do you live, and what can you see outside any given window in your home?

2) What never fails to make you smile?

3) What is the most common misconception about your country of origin?

Can not wait to hear from you.

Peace. x