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My snowman’s arm

I was sent on a mission.  My boss wants to hand out some treats tomorrow at the realtors meeting – and asked me to get cards and handwrite 25 of the ‘thank you’ variety.

Mission accepted.

I went to our local Wal-Mart (yes, back again) with my bosses money in my pocket and headed to the card section.  I also couldn’t pass up some adorable glittered, holiday stickers. Nothing spruces up an envelope like a bedazzled snowman.

Speaking of snowmen … I was headed out the garden department exit when I spied, with my little holiday eye, a stick.

Only, it was never just a ‘stick’ from the moment I laid eyes on it.

I bent down, scooped it up and held it in front of me like a precious trophy.

I couldn’t wait to get back to the office and show it off.

As I came through the main door, I held out my ‘stick’ and said to the receptionist, “Look what I found!!!”

To which she responded … “A Charlie Brown Christmas tree?”

“No.  It’s a snowman’s arm!”

“Oh, okay.”

Alright – I’ll try my boss.

“Look what I found!”

He glanced up, “A stick?”


“It’s a snowman’s arm!”

I took my arm and my thank you cards and stickers and disappeared into my office.

A realtor came by.

“Look what I found!” (this time I wasn’t leaving anything to the imagination) “It’s a snowman’s arm!”

“Are you sure it’s not a leg?”

“Snowmen don’t have legs!  Well … except for Frosty I suppose … anyway, it’s an arm … and I’m keeping it.”


He left me finishing up my cards and wondering about snowmen legs – and also contemplating the very real possibility that I might be the only one around here that sees bears in clouds and arms in sticks.  I don’t think I can be though.

Here’s the arm – you decide.