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‘Staycations’ and bonding with the other woman ;)

I mentioned in the video that I’ve shared down the post two days off in addition to the weekend.

This matters people!

Usually, my days off are because

A)  A handy man is coming to fix something and I must be here to maintain peace between him/her and the dog.

B) Someone is sick, and it’s not me.

C) Something else has broken and I’m waiting for either a tow truck or another handyman.

D) I am picking someone up from the airport.

The last ‘vacation’ I can remember is when Nic was small.  Well, he’s at least 6 foot now, so anything under that.

So I took a ‘Staycation.’

And when I ‘STAY’ I mean just that.  That’s what I want to do!  What I’ve NEEDED to do for a while.  Nap, snack, binge watch shows, cuddle, nap some more.


I couldn’t even do THAT!

I’ve got one day remaining  now – and Sunday, I did laundry as usual – and before I felt like I could chill out with no guilt, I had the kitchen rug/very large rug/carpet outside.

Washed floor.

Cleaned the stove within an inch of its life.

Was defrosting fish for fish tacos.

Fixed the piece of house that came off in our bonkers monsoon wind – nails in my mouth – hammer in hand. (Yes, I’m a contractor now)

Cleared the ‘we don’t have a shed anymore’ porch so we don’t look MORE like trailer trash.

Polished all the “I drive too fast on the dirt road next to this house” (NOT ME) dust off of our surfaces.

And more.

Bottom line – I don’t feel like I get to chill out until I’ve earned it.


This was contagious.  My poor honey, after pouring himself a cup of coffee must have felt guilty too – and cleaned our bedroom.

We still had the bathrooms to do.

And all I wanted to do was get goofy!!!! And know that I have NO alarm tomorrow or the next day.

And I freaking COULDN’T!  Not until everything was done.

WHY is it that we women – and I’m not leaving you guys out of this – although … (lol)

WHY is it we women can’t chill until everything is done???????

This is HUGE!  A 4 day weekend.

And there I was already planning my fun bathroom cleaning ride. lol.  I’ll get a Disney fast pass and get that done so I can watch a movie without guilt 😉

*tangent – did you know, that in ‘admin’ mode you can put a post in trash and all it takes is one poke (if you have a touch screen – I assume this is the same for keyboard, however, fingertips are more unforgiving than cursors.  No “Are you sure?????”)  I call BS.  Because, if you want to edit, you have to go through WP hoops, ok, maybe just confirming the edit.  But, DELETING an entrire post?  Yeah, ok, GONE! lol)  Why am I mentioning this?  Hmmmmm ….. let’s take a wild guess.

Tangent over.

So now, my honey has stopped drinking coffee and having a beer.


Then my son and his girlfriend stopped by to bring by more fish/fish tank ‘stuff’ (that kid does NOT need anymore pets!) But, I got to make a video with my son’s girlfriend:

She so underplayed her merits.  She is SUCH an amazing, goal oriented, studious woman.  And, let’s face it, she has great taste in men.

I had such a problem with ‘her’.  HOW DARE SHE???????

How dare she love my son?

How dare she know levels of my spawn that I didn’t?

(I mean intellectually and emotionally – c’mon now)

Well, guess what?

I adore her.  And it was SO hard to even imagine him not ‘needing’ me or not being the center of his universe.

And now, I’m just so happy for the two of them.

And for me.

Because I have an amazing future husband – an amazing son and maybe – just maybe, an amazing future daughter-in-law.

Life is good.

And tomorrow, we’re going to do a family outing to see some burros and have lunch.  Trust me – it’s 6:33 p.m. and I JUST took a shower, so getting me to agree to this whole ‘leaving the house’ thing was difficult.

But I’m doing it.  Because family is important.  And while staycations are fun, they don’t make many memories – but they sure do unwind a tense person.



A womans ‘day off’

A week or so ago, I realized I needed a break.  My attitude was reflecting it and my body was shouting it.


I planned Monday and Tuesday off.  I SO wanted three days in a row with nowhere I HAD to be!!

My time off was granted!!!  My inner physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted woman summoned the energy for jazz hands and cartwheels as I read that email.

Then one of my bosses mentioned a presentation he was giving at a real estate office and that he wanted me to go with him.  Tuesday.


So, three days in a row was not to be. I switched my days off to Friday and Monday.

That’s fine.  Two days in a row is better than no days in a row. (I do my second job on Saturdays if the days aren’t adding up for you.)

The last three days, I worked sick.  My body must have caught wind of the upcoming time off and gave the order: “Okay!  Shut down!  Head, stomach, ear, muscles – feel free to fall apart now.  Fever, kick in!  Let’s go! Let’s go!”


I kid you not, I was standing outside in 94 degree weather with goosebumps on my skin.  Chills … dizziness – just generally unwell.

I was D-O-N-E!

So, let me tell you about my first day of ‘sickation’.  Yes, we took the scenic view to get to my point.  You’re welcome. 😉

I don’t know if it’s primarily a woman thing – (and I don’t want to be sexist, but from years of observation, I’m pretty sure it IS primarily a ‘woman thing’) but I can NOT relax until everything that needs doing has been done.


Seriously incapable of chilling out if there are dishes in the sink, dog hairs on the carpet, dust on the furniture, errands that need to be run.

I awoke at 5:30 am and wanted nothing more than to curl back into my sheets and close my eyes.

But, Butters had something urgent to attend to outside.  A bird must have flown by the house,  or a rabbit must have looked over at her yard.  Those are the sort of emergencies that she tends to.

Far be it from me to deny her the feeling of accomplishment.  And, she is a woman, probably she couldn’t relax knowing she hadn’t barked at an early morning passing car.

I feel you Butters – I get it.

So, up I got.

And up I stayed.

By 7:30, I decided to ‘just do it’.  Nike my way through the morning and enjoy the afternoon.

Grocery shopping entailed 3 separate shops as they each had different items on sale. By 10:00 am I was home.


Of course, Nic was still sleeping, so I hauled in the goods and put them away.

I do try to carry all the bags at once – but this cold/flu thing has rendered my muscles into jelly.  SO! Three trips later, I was done.

If you’re like me, this is also the moment you take to clear out the fridge of expired foods and uneaten leftovers.

I stood and looked around the kitchen.  Whimpered a little.  And sprung into action.  Next was the living room – which extended into my bedroom, connected to my bathroom.  Then when it became apparent that Nic’s bathroom wasn’t going to clean itself, I did his too.

In between cleaning (and placing this adorable pumpkin in my kitchen!)


I took advantage of the heavy winds outside.  I washed my fake plants and put them outside to blow dry.

House done.


Next, the side job I took on.  I finished the last 500 of thousands of envelopes I have been stamping, labeling, stuffing and sealing.

Finished with that, said goodbye to Nic and his girlfriend and vacuumed for the second time today.  Wind + desert sand + shedding dog = multiple vacuum moments.

Finally got to sit down for a few moments after that … to pay bills at the computer.

I realized I had forgotten an item on my shopping list – and I would have just let it go if it was something I could do without.  Went BACK to the store for dish liquid.

I didn’t leave with just dish liquid though – I decided to treat myself.  I guiltily put a small bouquet of flowers in my cart.

Do you love my little art model?  It's like it's saying "Whoa! Where did those come from?"

Do you love my little art model? It’s like it’s saying “Whoa! Where did those come from?”

I think I deserve them.

And now, at 5:33 pm, 12 hours since my eyelids parted on this Friday – I am FINALLY on the couch.  After a achingly wonderful, welcome shower, and baking some cookies.

I can now take some medicine and  exhale.

Until it’s time to make dinner.

I know I’m not the only one – women, I salute you!

And as for Butters – I think I exhausted her with my whirlwind of determined activity.  She actually rolled her eyes at me!  I caught it on camera to share with you.


Wishing everyone a very happy weekend!  And I hope you find time to recharge.