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Door Raptors and Bordel Baguettes

I don’t think there’s anything that could come out of my mouth that would shock people who know me anymore.

Even at work.

Ok, mostly at work.

It’s a think out loud, no holds barred environment with the top, seriously, the top professionals in the field.

When one of us isn’t in the building … Something feels ‘off’.

I was leaning in the copy room door way whilst eating a sandwich the other day – waiting for a fax confirmation.  (Told you I was a multi-tasker)

One of the men said “You look like a French girl at a bordel with a baguette’

I raised an eyebrow  while chomping on my huge bite of food and stuck my leg out a bit.  It’s a tad hard to imitate ‘seductive’ with hamster cheeks full of bread.

We play.

It’s amazing how much you can get done when you’re a real team – each bringing a different personality and skill to the mix – complimenting one another with a mutual goal.  Success.  And who knew it could be so much fun?!

I heard a noise outside our rear door today and my co-worker investigated.

He cracked me up when he did the horror movie “Hello??” as he slowly opened the door.

While I was laughing, he said ‘What if a raptor grabbed me?!?”


“I’d run and get my camera” was my response.

“You would” was his.

It’s only now I’m thinking … Raptor?  Really?  Of all the creatures in the world – of all the creatures in the desert – a raptor was the first thing that came to his mind?

Speaking of creatures,  I did get a lovely photo of his wife’s purse the other day – it had a face AND tongue.  Any inanimate object with a face is a camera grab moment for me.

If something resembles a raptor in the near future, I’ll be sure to get a picture and share it.