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PostCartum depression

It’s back.

This should be me:

But this is how I’m really feeling:

I’ve decided I have ‘postcartum depression’.

I have not bonded with it.  I have not named it. If I heard it honking in the night, I’d ignore it.

I’ve been hurt before you know … a ridiculous amount of mechanical issues with multiple cars.  There’s only so much one auto heart can take!

I’m pretty sure I’m also suffering from post traumatic sticker shock.

She’s back from the shop and sitting out there, sans little scented visor tree.  😦  I did set her clock again – but really, is that enough?

It’s not her fault.

All I can think of is how much she’s costing me.  I have no desire to rush out and find her fun seat covers to swaddle her in.  No urge to find floor mats to gussy her up with.  Not even the slightest interest in finding her a new steering wheel cover.  None of the usual ‘I got a new car!’ behaviors.

I’m sure it will pass.  We’ll bond eventually.  Probably right after I make my last payment and right before she breaks down for good.