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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

What to say about this guest writer?  I met this amazing woman when I was young – in my first real apartment working my first real full-time job – I think it’s safe to say where, as neither of us are near there anymore, Pebble Beach. (OMG, I was my sons age!) and my thoughts about her then were that she was a beautiful ‘broad’.  Let me clarify.  I think of ‘broad’  as a compliment.  Someone who knows who she is, doesn’t take crap and knows where she wants to go.  Spoke her mind, was amazing at her job and was someone I looked up to. I was blessed to get to be a part of her friend circle – I, to this day, have no clue why she let me  in.  I mean, I was seriously green – making all my first mistakes and was not anywhere close to being a ‘broad’. (Still not there yet lol).

I spent time with her and her husband Steve.  House sat for them once and tended to their iguana?  It was either a ginormous iguana or a wingless dragon that struck fear into my heart – but I did it because I felt honored to be asked.

I remember a military picnic of sorts with her and loved spending the time and loved that she invited me.

(Time plays tricks, did I house sit or just meet the dragon at that picnic??)

We lost touch, as people who carry on through life out of arms reach do – and found one another on Facebook years later.

Now we’re both moms and she’s still with her love.  ( I LOVE that part)

A couple of years ago, she sent me a book and an essay she wrote.  The deal was, I was to pay that forward, write my own essay, send it and the book to someone.  I have greedily held onto the book – and the essay.  I will forward it when I’m ready.  When I feel I’m in a place to offer any kind of wisdom without feeling like I don’t even take my own advice.

I called her out on Facebook to be my next  guest writer and she obliged.  I give to you – Ann – (You can’t have all of her – just this for now.  But trust me, she IS the sort of woman who would give you all of her.   Kind, compassionate, generous, loving …. anyway – tangent)



Ok Here it is. Mirror Mirror On The Wall

I have always been aware of the mirrors on the wall. Big, small, ornate or simple I have greeted each mirror with the understanding that it is a true reflection of what is before it.

For many many years I have seen mirrors with both a true reflection and a “magnified” reflection. Assuming that the magnification was intended to witness blemishes and faults in the epidermis of us all I appreciated its purpose. Then suddenly the other day I realized its true purpose.

I am 50 and quite comfortable in my own skin and body and believe me it is not perfect. I was fortunate to have been at my best physically between the ages of 17 and 22. (thanks Mom & Dad for the good genes among other things).

So on to the mirror. It is two-faced; true and big. Going to apply simple eyeliner I threw on my “readers” as I can see virtually nothing without them, only to realize haha I cannot apply with them on.

Of course!

And then I know, it is an epiphany.

That is what the magnification side of the mirror is for, aging people applying make-up!

Just goes to prove viewing something from another perspective is always an opportunity for education. Different perspective, different answers. It is all in what you see and what you need.