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Why Worry? Because I just do.

I stress.

I stress the heck out.

Over the tiniest of things – and it’s SO very real to me.

“You think too much” is probably one of the most said to me comments.

And yeah, I do, honestly totally believe in this:


However, I’m also the girl who worries about inanimate objects.

Like the avocado I ate tonight.

Does it LOOK like it wants to be eaten???


Must have been horrifying for the poor thing!

I posted this on my Facebook this morning:


I CAN not help it!!!!!

I think being a single mom for so many years just infiltrated this in my bloodstream!

Not having a ‘plan B’

Sometimes not even having a ‘plan A’

So when my ‘check engine’ light went on this weekend, I might as well have been holding a tarantula in my hand whilst looking at a tornado.


Car problems are in my top 5 things I stress and freak out about.

And so, when it’s something similar (ok, EXACTLY LIKE) what I experienced 8 months ago and $700 ago – I freaking worry.

They could find nothing wrong – and I drove my car home – NOT feeling like I’d had a reprieve, but feeling like ‘Murphy’s Law” is in effect and for SURE my engine light is comin’ on again – and the 4 mechanics that drove my car into a gasless situation will suddenly be enlightened by the magic of the false computer readout!

Bottom line, I don’t believe them.  I think it’s gonna happen again when I’m on my own with no witnesses.

But, even so:

Me: You know, there are people in the hospital right now, in waiting rooms of hospitals, that would give anything for my first world problems.

My Honey: Yeah

Me: I don’t want a lot of money – Just ‘Enough’.  So that if an issue comes up, I can handle it.    Someone says their tooth hurts, I can say, “Here! Go to the dentist.” I don’t need jewelry, perfume, fancy clothes – Just … enough

And I mean that.

I’ve worked hard – all my life.  I wish for ‘enough’

Then I see this happen in my room and know …. we could live like this FOREVER if we had ‘enough’ for emergencies.


I’m SO grateful.