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Antsy & glad of it!

Oh it’s SO hard to concentrate at work! It’s quiet – and I’m alone. (I literally just echoed ‘alone, alone, alone’ in my head just for fun, I’m so in need of stimulation!)

I’ve cleaned the office, twice.

Sorted files that were already sorted.

All the while, I’m mentally checking off everything that needs to be done tonight and this weekend.

1st world problems eh?

There are such atrocities occurring right this second in the world – I should be ashamed of myself.

My biggest issue right now is hoping my key doesn’t stick in my ignition after parking at a shop.

I have a gift to pick up that arrived at the store I had it sent to. I have a project to pick up and buy frames for. Lots of ‘little’ shopping to do this weekend, and clean clean clean the house. (That time there was no echo, just repetition for effect – my house is a pig sty right now.)

I say it every year, so why should this year be different? My most favorite day is Christmas Eve!!!!!!!!!

I’m a big fan of anticipation.   Looking forward to something.

‘Merry’ is still hanging in the air – hope and sparkly eyeballs are still about.

sparkly eyes

5 minutes after gathering around our little tree Christmas morning and it will be all ripped paper and disheveled bows and … over.

wrapping paper mess

And yeah, I know, the gifts aren’t the ‘reason for the season’ – and I’ll spare you my anti-religion tirade. But what tops the joy of giving a token of appreciation to someone that makes time on this planet joyful– for me –  is the looking forward to doing it!

Before we know it – this entire year will be scrapbook fodder.

Over. Done.

Then onto 2015.

It’s crazy. How time really DOES fly – especially the older we get.

I’m grateful for every minute – and grateful for you all and grateful for my 1st world problems.

Be careful out there this weekend if you, like me, are insanely putting yourself in the throngs of shoppers and traffic.