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Intro to my nerd room – and Debauchery Soup News

Ah!!! It was a lovely day today!!!  I sported a sweater dress, boots and a smile.

So, here’s how I am ‘expanding’ (not my waist size).

I hope to add an accompanying video to most posts – with a little more ‘behind the scenes’ or commentary.

This blog is important to me.  I love it.  I love speaking to whomever reads it.  And I’m not promoting the site – so, whoever finds it – finds it for a reason.

I’m also inviting those close to me to write as guest bloggers.  The first being my mom!

She is a great writer, a great artist – and I got my sense of humor from her so …

Mum has written something and will be transcribing it from (4?) pages of yellow lined paper to a format I can share with you.

It will be good.  I already know this.

As for the videos – I’m hoping I’ll get so good, we’ll eventually have stop-motion/voice over (NIC!) and fun fun stuff!

As for the last moments of ‘Show and Tell Tuesday’ hope you enjoy a brief relaxed intro into my nerd room.  And yes, Butters makes an appearance or two – everyone LOVES Butters, she should seriously have her own blog. LOL!