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Musings from the Laundromat: Cake, foot-in-mouth and Mr. Stare edition

Had to do some serious motivational speeches in my head this morning to get out of bed and to the laundromat.  Mostly they consisted of: ‘when you get everything done, you can have cake.’

Some were more along the lines of ‘You get out of life what you put into it’ and ‘you’ll feel better after your chores are done and you can relax’ but, mostly they all ended with cake.

So here I am.  Things weren’t looking good when I arrived.

Someone was at my table.  (‘My’ table, lol)

Not just anybody – but a male who, I felt looking at me the whole time I was putting my items in the washing machines.  I tried not to look up, but eventually had to and when I made eye contact, he didn’t break it!

Creeped me out.  I felt his stare and could see his focus on me in my peripheral vision.

I hurried to the rainbow umbrella table and stared ahead.  At this lovely sight.


Yes, the laundromat bathrooms are ready for Halloween.  Good grief.

Normally this would please me – but sitting under the giant rainbow umbrella juxtaposed with staring at such a dank, yellowed, dismal view left me feeling uncomfortable.

Especially since Mr. Stare was still staring at me from MY table.

The view and the sensation were about as pleasant as finding a Band Aid in the dryer, after drying your clothes and knowing no one at your house injured themselves.


That kind of unpleasant.

Anyway – he’s gone now.

So back to motivation and cake.

My son’s girlfriend turned 19 yesterday and when they returned from a day at her house and dinner – they sat and we chatted and laughed AND … she had brought me a piece of saved cake.

It wasn’t until she left and Nic squirreled his way under my tin foiled treasure, that it was revealed in all it’s cakey glory that it came with candles.

How adorable is that?  Who thinks to leave them in?


Well, it certainly had the appropriate number of candles because I behaved as if I were three yesterday.

I have this annoying habit of speaking my mind.

I really try not to!  I do!

I sit myself down and explain why it is not a good time to bring something up, or why I should not say what’s on my mind.  I nod at myself and agree – then proceed to do it anyway.


I infuriate me sometimes.  But I can never stay mad at me long.

So the weekend has pretty much consisted of me behaving like a 3 year-old – being extra emotional – feeling insecure, crying at animal videos and craving cake.


Even Butters has been in an odd mood.  She took herself off to bed last night after giving up waiting on me and she’s doing her really good imitation one of those poor, unloved animals you see on those gut wrenching commercials.


Notice she’s being very ‘unloved’ from her spot on my bed.  Which I’m allowing even though she’s shedding like crazy.

I’m hoping to cheer myself and the dog up by cleaning when I get home with the laundry and letting some light and fresh air into the house.

And!  By removing the foot from my mouth and inserting cake.