Musings from the Laundromat: Stay Grateful Pony Boy edition



Me: “Good morning!”

Laundry lady: “Good morning – coffee is already made!”

Me: “Aw! Thank you! You’re a lamb!”

It’s been a long weekend.  Getting up early Saturday to let a contractor in, then 2 plus hours of power tools, barking and hammering.  End result was great though – I no longer feel like I’m showering in a dilapidated Bates Motel room.

Then came the continuation of ‘The Purge’.

Going through my boxes – my plethora of boxes to make room for new boxes belonging to my fiance.

Would be so great just to pull something out and in a millisecond decide “Donate, Toss or Keep”  – but when it comes to cards (I’ve kept every single card I’ve received) or photos – there is no getting around actually opening and looking at them.

By late last night I had decided maybe I need to use the ‘if there was a fire, what would I wish had survived it’ method.  But there are too many memories for that.

I did find out on Saturday that my son has been paying attention to me all these years though.

We went grocery shopping – a big shopping trip this time.  Out of most everything as I’ve been lackadaisical in the supply department.

I was starving.  And on the way back, decided to pull into Taco Bell for some nachos.

Me: “Seriously??  How long does it take to make Nachos??”

Nic: “Remember the ‘there are people who would give anything to be where you are’ thing.

Me: “Yeah, you’re right.  We have a car full of food … my son is sitting next to me – healthy.  But … seriously!! It’s NACHOS!”

Gratitude is a little harder on an empty stomach.

Must stay Gold … no, wait, I’m not Pony Boy – must stay grateful.  Which is a kind of gold.

(Great now I have that maple bacon dog video in my head … ‘the gold kind of grateful – yeah?’)


I reminded myself of this while getting frustrated with my room & closet and after tripping over the nth box for the nth time.

I reminded myself of WHY I was doing the task at hand, and how lucky I am to be preparing for the permanent arrival of my true love.  SO I shut the fuck up and kept plugging away.


Back to today.

Glaucoma man has donned his Summer attire.  It reached almost 90 degrees yesterday – so I don’t blame him.  And I’ve got to admit, for a 79 year old man, he’s got some decent get-away-sticks.


Here he is again – posing. lol


I was a little disappointed in him today.

We had our usual ‘eyeball’ chat.  Even talked about getting older and about counting blessings.  It was lovely.  Then he said something a little racist.  And I went through that dilemma of ‘do I let him know that’s not okay?’ or ‘do I understand that this man is going to be 80 in 4 months and stuck in his ways … even though he JUST referenced how some people shouldn’t be so ignorant.’

I went with removal of eye contact and no agreeable smile.  I think sometimes body language speaks louder than words.



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I've traveled 4 continents, affording me experiences and adventures to last a lifetime. Most important was the exposure to other cultures, beliefs and lifestyles. I'm also mom to one of the most amazing human beings I know.

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