Little bugs, band-aids and bless you

Discombobulated this morning.  I got plenty of sleep, as I knew I wanted to wake early and get ‘my’ washing machines here at the laundromat.


I was in motion, coffee was brewing then … a strange noise.  Butters and I both stilled and cocked our heads wondering what the clatter was outside – grackles on the roof again.

Back in motion.

Decided to do 1/2 my bedding as I wasn’t feeling strong enough to carry two laundry baskets plus a quilt and pillow cases and sheets … I know I’m going to regret that when I get home.

I’ll wish the quilt was done too.

I arrive and my laundry lady starts chatting as I wait for her to give me a laundry card.

She pointed out a man in a hat, describing him as ‘the weird guy in the hat’.  I followed her gaze to discover she was talking about my glaucoma guy.

Isn’t that odd.

Our perceptions of people and how they vary depending on our personal interactions with them.

I got an update from him about his eyes … he’s getting tired of the drops he’s putting in every day and wondering about marijuana cookies.

By then, another older gentleman joined the conversation and my glaucoma man turned into cataract man right before my eyes. (no pun intended)

Seems he’s certain the cataract surgery has given him glaucoma.  The newest member of the conversation assured him that could not be the case.

All this as I’m typing and posting the guest edition before this post.

Then he left.

I looked up to see new eye-chat man studying something on the floor.  It was a little tiny bug.

This really caught his attention – I mean … really.  He got up, stood over it – and when his wife returned with her cart, pointed it out to her.


His wife just sneezed and he didn’t say ‘bless you’.

I mumbled it to her from my table.

Have they been together so long they don’t say ‘bless you’ anymore?

I hope I always say ‘bless you’.  (I don’t think there’s much fear of that considering I’ll shout it to a perfect stranger from an aisle over when I’m at the grocery store.)

He’s been sitting holding a paper towel over a small cut on his elbow for sometime now …

I went and grabbed a band-aid from my laundry lady for him.

Now he can go back to focusing on any little bugs that might venture across the floor in front of him.



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I've traveled 4 continents, affording me experiences and adventures to last a lifetime. Most important was the exposure to other cultures, beliefs and lifestyles. I'm also mom to one of the most amazing human beings I know.

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