God rest ye gentle animals …

If I ever wished for a God, it’s for the innocent. The children, the lacking of mind and abilities and the animals.

The kindest, gentlest, most meek of us all.

My neighbor, I’ve spoken much about, (type ‘neighbor’ into my search bar for more info) became pet owners a while ago.

I say ‘owners’ with every intention of sounding spiteful and literal.

After knowing how they treated their children, I was incredulous when they walzted home a dog.  (This was shortly after having a break-in *rumor has it)

Dog turned out to be lovely. It’s name is Old Yeller.

It gets left out all the time.

It also gets ignored all the time.  Which is a GOOD thing now.   Because before, when the kids were allowed to ‘play’ out back, all it got was hit.

I don’t know where the children would find their footing now, the back yard is covered in feces.  NOT the dogs fault.

Let me clarify for those who haven’t been following along – I am not a curtain twitcher.   My main rooms have a front row seat to the neighbors antics.  My thin walls have a speaker bar of dysfunction into their home. 
I go outside with Butters when I’m home.  I’ll let her alone as long as I hear ‘quiet’ (oxymoron?)  but if she barks, I’m out there and on her.  I don’t want a fence runner – I also don’t want her or me/us (when Nic is home) hurt by what ever she’s barking about.

I pay renters insurance every month – which equals an entire months rent each year – to keep Butters.  I also paid a $200 pet deposit.  Because I was honest.  Because I am forthright.  Because I’m … stupid?

Neighbors got this dog and during my inspection – dog was noticed.  I was assured dog would not stay – I was not comfortable with that, considering the pound is not a utopia, but considering the yelling inside, the beatings outside, … perhaps even death was better.


Dog is still there.

Today, my son and I decided we needed to share a toy with it.

It has no toys.

“Okay, when you go take the garbage, toss the squeaky toy over the fence!”

Roger that.

Um, except, that didn’t work.

“Wait! Wait! I think they can see.”

(Time out … how sad is this that we have to go to such measures to get a toy to a dog? I mean seriously???)

After several attempts, I decided, pretend to play with Butters and ‘over throw’ a toy.

Yeah, I overthrew – lol – but it landed JUST outside the poor pups reach.

“Nic!  Get it!  Toss it!”

Nic went from the garbage area to the fence and swiftly scooped up the toy and launched it over the fence.

Then VERY quickly got in his car and bailed on my arse.

I don’t blame him.

I played with Butters outside longer than I would have – incase they came out.  Then I could have lied and said “Oh, yeah – sorry, he can keep that!”

Anyway – long and short of it is – this dog needs a new home.  And here he is when I got brave and shot some pics from our unscreened window. (So they’re really not great shots, but I think I captured his sweet and sour situation. And no, those aren’t chocolate chips amongst the kids toys)

Feces infested yard

Feces infested yard

A toy?

A toy?

It IS a toy!

It IS a toy!





And I’ll end with a shot of the door he scratches on … that he asks for attention at.



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I've traveled 4 continents, affording me experiences and adventures to last a lifetime. Most important was the exposure to other cultures, beliefs and lifestyles. I'm also mom to one of the most amazing human beings I know.

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  1. so sweet for finding a little love for a lost angel

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