Departure day

Back from Vegas.  The morning was filled with a lot of Nic pacing and being eager to go.  My morning was filled with a lot of watching Nic pace and not wanting the morning to end.

We took some more photos together.  This is what I do.  If the dog were to sneeze adorably I’d be looking around for my camera.  I drive Nic crazy, I know I do – but he was a good sport about my many picture requests and video requests – until we reached the airport and by that time he was giving me the celebrity glare.

From the morning session - before he viewed me as paparazzi

From the morning session – before he viewed me as paparazzi

Then I became the annoying photog at the airport

Exhanging boarding pass info for 'real' ticket

Exchanging boarding pass info for ‘real’ ticket

Exhanging some dollars for pounds

Exchanging some dollars for pounds

Could have sworn that thing was over the 50 lb limit when we packed it. lol.  Well under!

Could have sworn that thing was over the 50 lb limit when we packed it. lol. Well under!

Told you, I photograph everything

Told you, I photograph everything

The last one he'd allow of us together

The last one he’d allow of us together

The airport ‘people-delivery’ is a lot different than I remember. There is no drawn out ‘good-bye’ time as non-ticket holders are not allowed past the security check points anymore.  No hugging as they board. No watching the plane take off from the boarding area.

So it’s say “good-bye” and watch your loved one approach the x-ray machine and strip search/body cavity probe area. Okay, I exaggerate, but there WAS a full body x-ray machine thingy!

imageYes, at this point, and after the last photo together – I was crying.  Not as much as I thought I would. 

It’s hard to be sad when you know something wonderful is awaiting the person you love.  I’m too excited for him to be sad.

Then I get home and my boy posted some photos of his own.  One of food, lol and then this one:


The caption he put was “Our plane! :)”

I think he’s excited.  And considering his plane took off almost an hour ago – I’m sure he’s already acquainted himself with all the buttons, gadgets, bathroom locations and has already had his tray in the upright and down position. LOL. 

I said to Nic on the way:

“Isn’t it funny?  Months ago we were on this same road, but going the other direction – talking about how you wanted to go to England and how amazing it would be if you could go.  And here we are on our way … you with a passport and a ticket.  You see, anything is possible.”

From this POST <– click here

To reality.

Dreams come true.

**Update!** I forgot to mention the most important part!  I snuck a little something in his case … He can’t possibly go to England without a naked mole rat.  Debauchery Soup is represented!  😉



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I've traveled 4 continents, affording me experiences and adventures to last a lifetime. Most important was the exposure to other cultures, beliefs and lifestyles. I'm also mom to one of the most amazing human beings I know.

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  1. Perfect time to get over your fear of flying…

  2. I LOVE the naked mole rat addition!!! What fun for him, and at least- what with phones the way they are now days, you can sort of feel like you are there with him!

  3. Amanda! I’m having my picture taken with that bald rat! I’ve organised a personal tour of the BBC for Nic in London, he’ll get to see all the bits the usual public don’t! Got other plans for him if he’s up for it, too. He’s also welcome to stay with us to get away from the old ladies! We have Xbox 360, blu rays, plasma TVs – it’s 18 year old heaven. Will look after him like you looked after me! I was only 20 when I came to CA so not that much difference! Thing is, Nic was FOUR when I last saw him and a right lirril tyke! Had you all wrapped around his finger! Lol! I’m sure things are different now! Can’t wait to see him and Grandma!!! X

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