The wrath of a woman with a cold (and too out of it to think of anything clever to rhyme with ‘scorned’)

I have a bug.  Not sure what strain and don’t really care.  Yesterday it manifested as a sore throat and a sleepless night.  This morning, I was very tempted to call in sick.

I have never called in sick since I’ve been at my current place of employment.  I have literally even gone to the emergency room and come BACK to work.

When I did call in sick at my other places of employment, it was usually because my son was sick and too young to be sick alone.

I also remembered I had a customer coming in at 9 a.m.  SO! I ‘manned’ up.  Got dressed, put what passed as a happy healthy face on and went to work.

Mini-tangent: Why do they call it ‘manning up’?  Really.  Isn’t it us women who soldier though our days with minimal complaint?

Well, not today baby.  By the time I got to work, I was dizzy, achy, had a headache that wouldn’t quit and the thought of food was so vile I actually only packed some salted tortilla chips and 3 clementines for lunch.

I sent an email to my manager requesting to leave early after I handled the urgent items on my desk.

No reply.


After the customer left my head was now spinning. I was seriously reconsidering the joys of having a swivel chair.

At about 12:30, the male loan officer in the office got the brunt of my pent-up sickly frustration.

“Have I EVER called in?  I feel like I don’t EXIST!  And WHAT is that in my inbox?”  He gingerly withdrew the item and in a small voice asked “well, what do you have going on work wise?”  I think I gaped.  I picked my jaw off of the floor and with watery eyes retorted with “Does it matter?!  Next time I’m just calling in!”  He backed away slowly with “you exist to me …”

I sat feeling very silly and a little sorry for myself and as touched as I could muster up by his comment.  I apologized and we agreed that not feeling well definitely amplifies frustration.

He generously offered that I should go home and rest so that I would ‘be better for tomorrow’.


I get home and crawl on the couch, mindful of the clock and the fact that I had an hour and a half before my son came home from school.

Nodded off after about 45 minutes of whimpering and was awakened by a stream of sunlight hitting me in the face.  I felt like a vampire for a split second – but did not combust.  The heat I felt after the front door closed was a fun new symptom – little fever.

In walks my son.  Does he ask why I’m home?  No.  He grabs the remote and quietly says, (like he’s doing me a favor) “I’m just going to do what I normally do.”  Cartoons are now in my aching ear – and he plops down at the computer.

I give up.  I decide we’re having an early dinner – which I know I have to make.  I do the dishes that I know I have to do –  and with all the maturity of a 43-year-old mom, I stomp off to my room to curl into a little sick ball.  Came out once to hear “what is the dog barking at?”

“I don’t know,” I snapped “Let me check shall I?”

Was pretty close to tears at that point – but that would have pushed me dangerously over the edge into ‘man cold’ territory.

I have T-minus 13 hours to make a miraculous recovery.  When my ears stop ringing, I’ll go find my cape.

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I've traveled 4 continents, affording me experiences and adventures to last a lifetime. Most important was the exposure to other cultures, beliefs and lifestyles. I'm also mom to one of the most amazing human beings I know.

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  1. Ricardo Recovery


  2. Ricardo Recovery

    Im calling the WAAAbulance>>> Address please….

  3. hi brave girl, i know living like single mom isnt much easier, your son is little and dunno how to deal even when he’ll be a father himself he would want ya to care him because you’re a mom and hes son. You shouldnt expect that care from him what you deserve from another man. Find that man, things would be better or more than better 🙂 Get well internally soon

    • He’s 17 now Nafees. lol. He could have kept things quiet and made himself dinner. I wrote this with the intention of being funny – it cheered me up. I guess it didn’t come across as funny as I intended. I blame the fever. 😉

      • lol oh okay. I thought you were worried and disappointed but yeah you’re a mature and sensible woman who knows things and reasons. I blame the fever too 😉 get well soon, try to spend most of time with real people, I enjoy ’em and then more enjoy being alone and writing&reading 🙂 you arent seeing someone? If not then do it 😉

      • no, just had this crazy fantasy that he would at least help out and let me rest. And the last thing I need is a guy … I have serenity, I plan to keep it. LOL! I don’t need another child oops, ‘man’ in my life.

      • lol okay. You dont need another child but you really need a man, a real man who you deserve and who deserve you. Hi, give it a chance 😉

      • to sloppily quote ‘Eat Pray Love’ again, I don’t need a man, I need a champion. One day. If he exists – God will put him in my life. And he’ll bring me soup and laugh at my blogs. LOL!

      • lol hm good, then obviously I cant be that because I dont know how to make soup 😀 but am funny 😉 wish you an awesome partner soon 🙂 life without partners is nothing I think so even I believe so but right partner.

      • Yes, they have to be right for you. And hey! You can make an egg – let’s not forget that. You’ll shower fried eggs on your future Princess LOL! 🙂

      • LOL yeah I can do that and more I can learn cooking 😉 but first she will have to just enjoy breakfast from me, a fried egg just 😀

      • LOL! Perfect. She’ll be a lucky lady. A future screen writer who can make an amazing egg. 🙂 Love it.

      • I dont think so that she would be lucky to has me but thanks for the compliment 🙂 desperately waiting to meet my ms right, WHERE ARE YOU MY GIRL? LOL

      • When you least expect it Nafees … that’s how it happens.

      • everyone says that but why and how? I dunno that how you can expect a thing least if you’re really needing it. Yeah that happens usually but it wont make a sense to me.

      • because when you’re trying to force something, that’s your will, not your higher powers. I don’t know. lol. Just seems to happen that way

      • yeah you’re right and I agree with you. You took time but explained well 🙂

  4. Ricardo Recovery

    Im just waiting on a friend……

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