Really US Embassy?

I have a blogging friend from Pakistan who went through the proper channels to try and obtain a student visa to come to America to further his education and earn a bachelor’s degree in English lit.  The Visa Officer at the US Embassy denied it.

This is after he had to explain why he wanted a second bachelors degree, who was paying for it etc. He provided bank statements, grades from his previous education. And, nope.  They didn’t think he would return to his home country after a school year.

I read this and thought, WTH??

This is a person whose father worked hard and can pay for the college fees (after saving up having taught in a village) and who did everything on the up and up.

Now, I am not someone who has a popular opinion when it comes to immigration – especially illegal.  I believe America was built by immigrants.  Founded by immigrants.  And I’ll tell you what, if I thought I could improve my family’s life by climbing, swimming, hiking into a Country of opportunity – I would!

Yes, there are a lot of people who take advantage of the services offered – but the problem isn’t so much those who do – but the fact that there ARE such services available to those who do.  In my opinion.

Fortunately I didn’t have to climb, sneak or swim.  My mother and I came here legally, we jumped through the hoops, waited out turn in lines and have enjoyed being residents of America since 1980.

When I hear a story like my blog friends though, I get a little pissed.

Anyone can sneak over the border but he can’t come here legally for education?  Not a free ride – a paid for education.  And really, if he stayed, wouldn’t that be America’s gain?  A go getter – an educated, creative contributor.

Grrrr.   Makes me so upset.

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I've traveled 4 continents, affording me experiences and adventures to last a lifetime. Most important was the exposure to other cultures, beliefs and lifestyles. I'm also mom to one of the most amazing human beings I know.

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  1. Ricardo Recovery

    That sucks>>>>>>

  2. thank you very much 🙂 I dont blame US officials at all because people from all around the world come to States except some European countries, Australia and Canada. But still high professional people from mentioned countries must go to States where world class companies and organizations exist like Hollywood, Microsoft etc.

    • It just doesn’t seem fair Nafees. You did things properly and for a noble reason. Don’t give up. But, I already know you won’t.

      • Thanks a lot Debaucherys. Yeah I wont but not US this time because it sucks to explain things a lot, it looks like begging, hurts my ego.

      • 😦 I’m so sorry. I admire your tenacity and I don’t think it’s begging – it’s cutting through incredibly silly red tape. I understand what you’re saying though. This land of opportunity should be rolling out the red carpet for someone like you.

      • its okay and thank you very much Its 8:45 AM here and you really made my day 🙂 and dont worry at last we get things what we really deserve so am not much worried about now.

      • well I’m glad I made your day. But seriously Nafees, you inspire me by having a goal and trying for it. And your father inspires my faith in family by wanting to help you achieve it. You are a very blessed man.

      • thanks a lot. Its like an honor for me to inspire someone especially a writer who is you. God bless you for kind words. We’re nothing without goals. Especially me feels empty without ’em.

  3. I agree completely. Hi, Nafees just came and visited my blog so I stopped by his and found his reblog of your post. It is unfortunate when this happens as it is not just wrong and unfair but excuse the term (stupid) on behalf of those who were in charge of this decision! So very unfortunate! Penny

    • the good news is that he’ll come out on top, with a drive to learn and to further his education – how can he not? It’s our loss here in the US that someone won’t physically bump into such an amazing person. Very grateful for sites like this – to interact with such a diverse crowd. 🙂

      • You know I believe, on many levels in many areas (not all) of our government, the employees have become desensitived or even worse have some (misguided) agenda in their jobs! I agree, he will come out on top, our countries loss! Viva la’ Bloggers! 🙂

  4. Nafees know’s I’m on his side!…But immigration is politics and we all know politics is a load of BLEEP!!!!
    It doesn’t just happen in America, it happens world wide.. It seems the more illegally you try to penetrate a country..the better chance you have of gaining citizenship!

    Don’t loose hope! xx

  5. I agree with you, I read it on his blog and the only thing that came to my mind was the amount of students who have to get a loan to get accepted in any university, the guy has the means and the brains, his family earned their money honestly. Makes little sense to me, but again, American international police not often makes sense, then we complain when we receive the same treat outside. It’s all about reciprocity.

  6. People fear too much, and thus hold back others from finding knowledge in any part of the world.

  7. I assumed that you liked my latest post because it connects with the subject matter of this post? Or perhaps not. Hard to say.

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