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Musings from the Laundromat: Little Basket, Blue Ticket and Panty Lines

8:15 a.m.

The ground is wet outside from a recent storm that passed through our thirsty desert – the sky is clear, birds are singing – and I’m sat in an almost empty laundromat at a table that is always my 3rd choice to perch at.

There is a couple at the ‘umbrella table’.  I regarded them as I stuffed two washing machines to their capacity.  (I was stuffing mostly because I was too lazy to stop half way through and go back to the ‘Value Transfer Machine’ and add more money to my laundry card.) As I was doing this, another couple came in the back door.

“Still here huh?”

“Yeah” said the umbrella table couple.

I wanted to interject some sarcasm – but kept my head down and stuffed.   Why do we do that?  Confirm that people right in front of us are, in fact, actually there?  Or ask acquaintances that we see in a grocery store or a bank “Hi!  What are you doing here?”

8:30 a.m.

I noticed this little tiny laundry basket unattended when I first sat down.


Can you see it?  Barely?  That’s how little it is.  I sat and wondered, while typing, who the owner of the basket was and how much laundry could possibly fit in it to warrant a trip here.

I mean seriously, compare the hangers to the basket and probably, what,  only 5 shirts?

Mystery was solved for me.

There are now bags on the folding table as the owner of the little tiny basket returned.


That’s more than 5 shirts.

The basket was a red herring.

He’s back outside in his car now – not before bending over at the dryers and giving me an eyefull that made a very clear point that Mr. Little Basket needs a belt.

8:40 a.m.

Time to check my washing machines.

8:45  a.m.

They were finished.  And I ended up making that trip to the ‘Value Transfer Machine’ after I also stuffed the driers and realized they would need more time to successfully dry my stuffings.

Why do I have so much laundry today??  Nic must have worn every pair of jeans, shorts and t-shirts he owned last week.  OR (and this is probably closer to the truth) I’ve just washed clean clothes that somehow returned to his hamper.

I found these in his pockets – another mystery!


The receipt is for Carls Jr. – no mystery there – but the ticket!  Hmmm … wonder when he got that.  Is there a prize on the line?  Or did it grant him access to a meal somewhere.  And if it is food related, why is he going to Carls Jr. and blue ticket places without me?

8:55 a.m.

Okay, since I’ve shared about other’s laundry,  I’ll tell you a funny story about me.

Yesterday I was getting dressed while half awake – and as I was walking from the closet to my master bathroom, I noticed something in the mirror.

You know I’ve been working out, and I’m actually seeing results.  There are muscles on my belly where no muscles have been before.  It’s really quite exciting.

So I’m walking – and noticing – and my eyes widen and I think “Oh!  That is a LOT of definition!’

I got closer to the mirror and felt like a complete idiot.

Here is a photo of what I saw (only much blurrier in reality)


It was the string of my underwear.

Hey!  From across the room it looked an awful lot like that ‘V’ I see on muscle-y people going from their hips on down!

I laughed pretty hard at that before I took the photo.

9:05 a.m.

Time to wrap this up and do the ‘Drier Dance’.  This is when I snatch dry items out, while leaving the damp items in to continue on their tumble,  and shuffle back and forth to the folding tables.

Oh!  Thought you’d like to see how capable ‘Little Basket’ was of holding things.

This looks like a complete set of bedding!


Morals of today’s musings:

Never judge a man by the size of his laundry basket

If someone is right in front of you, they’re probably there

Underwear is not a muscle.

Musings from the Laundromat: Saturday Edition

Yes, Saturday!

Insert dramatic music and shocked face here.  Or, a dramatic chipmunk will do:


I am still determined to get two entire days in a row of pure movie-watching, snack-eating, guilt-free nap-if-I-want-to debauchery.  But, since I’m the kind of person who can’t sit still – it’s doubtful that will happen even with the opportunity.

I was going to name this post: Random nonsense – until I realized that could be the title of all my other posts (except the interviews.)

First random thing – as I drove here, I did have my reservations about switching up my routine.  Would my table be open?  What about my washing machines I like to use?  Would the place be mobbed?  Then I chuckled at the last thought – it IS Saturday after all, and other people have things that they do – outside of the house – for fun.

The place is pretty empty – but my table is taken.  I’m at the umbrella table.  But, on the upside, the umbrella table is right next to the washing machines I like to use, and they were available.  Color me … um … happy, but not as happy as this umbrella:

Actual view when I look up

Actual view when I look up

There’s something I’ve been meaning to share (and this is when the men who read my blog might want to go do something else.  Wait – there I go being sexist again!  Men could want beautiful hair!  Sorry guys.)  I have been meaning to share it because us ladies know that when it comes to products that actually work and live up to their claims, they are few and far between.

I found something that exceeded my expectations – and it’s only fair to pass on the good news.

AND … it’s cheap.

Here’s the product:


No, I’m not being paid for this testimonial.  (I wish – but I wouldn’t sell out on here) I would never endorse a product I hadn’t tried and loved.  But try and love this pair I did. 🙂

The shampoo has little beads in it – they burst and lather and the smell is amazing.  After I rinse, my hair is literally ‘squeaky-clean’.  It’s prepped and ready for the conditioner.  Usually when you don’t pay an insane amount of money on a conditioner – you can tell as soon as you squeeze some into your hand.  Not this one.  It’s thick – and rinses out leaving the hair feeling almost like you used a sulfate free, more expensive kind.

I have naturally wavy hair – so I straighten it quite a bit when I’m not in a curly mood.  As a result, I have some split ends.  The very first time I used the shampoo and conditioner – my hair looked amazing.  And not weighted down.  Light, soft, smooth.  Here’s me being smug with my freshly washed hair:


Anyway – get it.

I’ll wrap this up with some Butters.  With time on my hands, I’ve been annoying the hell out of her.  Taking so many photos and chatting to her, expecting an answer.  Here she was being adorable before I left with her ‘baby’:


And here she is giving me an increasingly common look. “Get out of my face with the camera.”


I say no.  I’m staying in that wrinkly, adorable face.

But, lucky for her, I’ll be occupied after I get home indulging in some arts and crafts.  I’ll be pulling out the clay and the paint today – I’ll share the results in another ‘Random nonsense’ post.

Until then Happy Saturday everyone!

Breaking News: My table just opened up.  I shall be relocating.  I sit with my back to the wall like a cop.  Like to keep an eye on the place … never know when a sock might try to make a break for it.