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The final countdown …


Tomorrow is Nic’s last day of required schooling!!!!! 


This morning I watched him walk to the car – balancing his necessary items. 


Evidently, the last ‘wave from the porch as he walked up the road to the bus stop’ came and went without me knowing it. 

Dang it!  I missed the opportunity to stand there, misty eyed, reflecting on past waves.  

I demand a do-over.  I did NOT get the photo op I have waited 12 years for. 

Anyway, it feels like only yesterday he was graduating from 8th grade!


And now … the big moment approaches. 

I’ve been checking the online grade updates – emailing his teachers – talking to his counselor.  “Is there anyway, let’s just say, if Nic totally FLUNKED your final, that he would not pass your class?” 

Yes, I’ve been in panic mode.  As of this moment he has a 3.0 GPA.  But still … you never know. 

His gown is hanging in the ‘laundry room’ waiting for me to iron it.  That is going to be a kick in the pants.  I can iron – I do not like to iron.  Add to that, the material looks like it will spontaneously combust the moment  it spots an iron in its peripheral vision.  I’ll be careful.  (Or I’ll just call my mom.)

Do you think Nic would have a problem with me following him around tomorrow at school with my camera? 

“Don’t mind me … carry on as you normally would.”


Yeah, I thought so too.  :/