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A Happy Day

Today is a happy day.

A sing-in-the-kitchen, air band in the car, 2 treats for the dog kinda day.

Last night brought an unexpected wave of relief. 

I let go. 

Of some drama, of some resentments and of some toxic expectations.

I spoke to friends from my past that really made me laugh.  I felt light and just … happy.

You’d think after yet another night of having my sleep interrupted by Butters – my happy wave would have waned. 



It did not.

I feel more sure of myself.  Open to whatever or whoever the universe has in store for me.  Ready to move on, open up and stop taking myself and others so seriously.

Actually giggled at work over an adorable unexpected sneeze … Giggled!  Bonkers.

I have no particular reason for this full to the brim, suddenly burdenless and boundless joy.  But I dig it. 

And I think I’ll keep it thank you very much. 

But I’ll share too.