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Love and minecraft

I’m being weaned off of my son.  I have a relationship with the back of his head, and occasionally catch sight of him in the fridge.

I go into his room and try to watch him play whatever Xbox 360 game he’s playing at the time, but I have no clue what he’s doing!  In a desperate attempt to relate I’ll even post this pic, but I have no idea what an ‘Enderman’ is.

He get’s to talk to his friends on a headset, so even when he’s cruising through the kitchen on his way to the computer, he’s still in a conversation with someone.

If he didn’t have great grades, I’d pull the plug.

ANYWAY, none of this is getting me to my point any faster.

The other night I found myself a little lonely and bored.  And I thought, oh no!  What is it going to be like when he’s in college/working/out of the house?!

Let me clear something up – I am single.  I don’t mind it at all, in fact, I feel a lot more serene when I’m not in a relationship.  I was pretty sure I’d be living the rest of my life this way, and I was ok with that.

I have an 83-year-old friend who said the other day something about not having a girlfriend.  My imagination, as it invariably does, pictured him getting all gussied up for a lunch date – butterflies in his stomach and thought, AWWWW!  That’s so CUTE!

So if I ever change my mind I guess it’s never too late.

I watch romantic movies and tear up – doesn’t everyone want that companionship, that ‘true love’?  I didn’t think I did.  I want to want someone – not need them.  That whole ‘you complete me’ Jerry McGuire line makes me shudder.  I want to be complete and offer that to someone who is also complete.

But there are things I miss.  Something as simple as a hug.  Or spooning with someone – laughing with them.  Sharing your day – just … being touched.  Physically, emotionally touched.

I stopped by a gas station after work yesterday and an older gentleman asked me how I was.  I told him ‘Good, thanks!’  He replied with a little twinkle in his eye, ‘You look good’.
“Aw, thanks!” I said – and meant it.  He made my day.  It’s nice to be noticed.  Not in a ‘Look at me! Look at me!’ vain way – but for someone to just … notice.

So I’m reconsidering the 30 cats I was maybe going to adopt.  I’m certainly not looking, but maybe the guy for me IS actually out there somewhere.  Who knows?

So here’s some prerequisites:

Must have a job or  a dream he’s actually working to realize.

Must have a sense of humor.

Must be confident and positive most of the time.

Must love animals.

Must love kids.

Must love music – all genres.

Must have his own interests!

Must respect and encourage my interests.

Must leave me alone when I’m reading/writing.

Must not be needy.

Must adore me and cherish me.

Must be adored and cherished back.

Must not be racist, homophobic or an arsehole.

Must be kind to others.

Must be open-minded.

Must be somewhat eclectic and a little bananas. 🙂

If he knows how to fix cars and/or cook – then that’s a huge bonus. LOL!