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Mustard Monday

Busy weekend.  Long awaited replacement of my bathroom floor occurred.  I knew it would be loud and knew Butters would be barking and outside.  I requested Monday off.  I wanted a day to clear up the sawdust and then to relax. 

Nic and I pulled some weeds to the soothing background sounds of a compressor to our left and screaming and fighting to our right. 

Yup.  The neighbors.

I debated calling the Sheriff – decided against it and went inside. 

Later, I was on my porch chatting to my mom on the phone.  I saw my neighbor walking to the trash bin we share. 

“I’ll call you back mom.” I said. Clicked the phone off and called out to the neighbor lady.

She stopped and walked toward my neck of the lot.  I met her half way and I told her I wanted her to know if she ever needed anything, I was available.  If she ever wanted to bring the little ones over at a ‘bad time’, I could put a cartoon on for them.  She told me, with tears in her eyes that when she got her tax refund, she was leaving.  I gave her a hug and reiterated that if she ever needed me … I was here.

I felt like I had finally done something of purpose.  Something tangible – I hadn’t called the police, but now she knew she wasn’t alone. 

Now I’m feeling a tad different.  Woke up this morning – my day full of promise.  A day off! A day off! 

Got Nic off to school and turned and smiled at Butters.  What to do?  Read first?  Put a movie on?  Go back to bed?? 


I sat on the porch and as the sun came up and the words of a new book started warmed the cockles of this reader’s heart – I saw … this.


UG!  I’m no sleuth, but considering I’ve never ever had an incident of this type before or ever been a victim of shenanigans – the coincidence was glaring.

I didn’t know what the substance was – but groaned before grabbing my camera realizing part of my day off was to be taken up by dealing with whatever ‘this’ was.

Called the Sheriff.  I went out to the car once he arrived and noticed there was more.


And more


I filled the Sheriff in on the history with my neighbor.  He went next door to ask them if they ‘saw anything’.  Yeah right. 

And, if they didn’t admit ‘yeah, I did that’ – basically there was nothing he could do.

Of course, they didn’t know anything.

I wanted to call CSI and have them find drops of the substance – I wanted it to lead back to their house, to be on his shoe.  GOTCHA!  But, apparently that only happens on TV.

So, after the Sheriff left – I grabbed a watering can and cleaned off what I had originally thought was egg yolk.  Picturing someone inside their house watching me and chuckling to themselves.

I held my head up higher than was probably necessary just in case.

Who dunnit?  I have no proof – but considering the substance, I know we can’t rule Colonel Mustard out.