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Our Supreme Court declared legalization of nationwide same-sex marriage.

Which means, while States still can decide if they get married in their state, if you are married, you are married in THEIR state.

No more ‘same sex’ – only  ‘MARRIED’

I love that my son get’s this.

I’m not sure I totally get it – I’m reeling!  I THINK it means, no more ‘gay marriage’ and only ‘marriage’.

I love that my grandchildren will wonder why this was never a ‘thing’.

I love that we changed our profile pics to this:




I also love that it comes on the heels of  such intended hate – that resulted in such an unintentional positive change for our RACIST country.

But this says it all.


I am proud today to be ‘American’ (I immigrated here) – although, 5-4 is too pretty damn close.  But it is enough.

Enough is all you need.

In anything.



Today, I’m just proud that someone gets to love someone and have it count.

They get to show up at a hospital and not be turned away because ‘they’re not family’.

They get to share insurance, deeds, LIFE legitimately with their LIFE partner.

And be acknowledged.