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Someone I work with gave me a little bag of perfume samples on Friday.


These are two of my favorite things.  Little and Perfume.

I’ve said I’m not a girly girl – and it’s true when it comes to putting frosting on this cake – but perfumes … oh my goodness.

I don’t have a ‘signature’ scent.  I love a variety of fragrances.

My sense of smell is incredible.  I’ll alert you if the neighbors have just turned on the BBQ or someone a mile away has just cut their grass.

My memories are triggered by smell and sounds – more than visual prompts.

Rain, damp  wood, garden herbs, distant skunk, air-dried linens – heaven.

I love them more because they’re infrequent.

So a sampling of new and amazing smells was such a wonderful gift.

Made me think (no surprise there) about moderation.

How much more grateful I am when I’m afforded only a little sample of a food or an experience or an author.  (Much like Catcher in the Rye – well played J.D., well played.)

I treasure it then, the memory is folded carefully into my heart and not taken for granted.

A treat.

My favorite so far

My favorite so far

I am so easily pleased.

Tiny, thoughtful gifts fill my heart.

Little treasures.

Which makes me wonder why I have such grandiose expectations of myself when it comes to gifting to others.

But that’s a tangent for another day.