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“Be safe …”

Had to break a twenty on the way home from cleaning so I could pay Nic for helping me.  Stopped by the Family Dollar to grab some scented laundry sprinkles.

Not much out of the cashier, she seemed to be the only one in the store.  Which was nice.  No one asking me up and down aisles, “Are you finding everything alright?” 

I place my item on the counter and she silently rings it up.


I place the twenty on the counter.  No  eye contact yet. 

“$14.66 is your change … be safe.”


What the F%$#?

Be safe?

LOL!  She looked so serious saying it too.  I grabbed my little bag “Thank you” and headed for the door. 

Back in the car:

Me: Had the weirdest moment

Nic: What?

Me: The lady is checking me out, well, not checkin’ me out, but you know …

Nic: Wait, was she hot?  Lesbian?  Just saying, could be cool

Me: No.  Anyway … she says, get this, “Be safe”

Nic: So?

Me: I mean, that’s something that wouldn’t be weird to hear on New Years Eve … but …

Nic: *Silence*

Me: I mean, what does she know that I don’t?  What if she’s psychic?  “Be Safe ..” Did she think I was going to blow my change on booze and drugs?  “Be Safe ..”  That’s creepy

Nic: You think weird

Me: Yeah, I know.  You do too.

Nic: (Small laugh)

Me:  Next time I tell it – she’s got tears in her eyes … her hand is shaking as she’s giving me the change – she nervously looks at me and hoarsely whispers “Be safe.”