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“Dear God”

I have the Sarah McLachlan song going through my head having typed the subject.  I’m singing in my head ‘… hope you got the letter and I pray you can make it better down here.”  I do that.  Everything tangents off into a song for me, or song prompts a movie.  But that’s not what this is about. 

I woke up last night thinking about prayer. 

My prayers have changed. 

I brush my teeth, I hit my knees and I bow my head and say ‘Hi’.  Always I say ‘Thank you’.  But what used to be a laundry list of requests and specifics has become one phrase I say every night. “God bless all those in my heart, on my mind and in the world”.  Then I’ll toss in ‘and God bless Butters’ because she’s usually staring at me inches away waiting for her bedtime ‘cookie’.

Why do we pray? 

I crack up sometimes wondering if we really believe God hasn’t noticed some one or some situation needs his attention.  And if he does need that pointing out, then clearly he’s not powerful enough to do anything about it!

But he doesn’t need us pointing anything out does he.  He’s not off busy doing something and not aware that someone is tugging at his shirt waiting for their prayer to be answered.


As for: “Oh, he has far more important things to worry about”.  Maybe when we say that we’re realizing perhaps this ‘thing’ that we’re worried about isn’t so earth shattering.  But I’m pretty sure whatever God you pray to can multi-task.

In my opinion, Prayer is for us.  A realignment.  Focusing our energy toward others or a goal.  Experiencing humility. 

I draw power from sending out light and love to others.  I stay grateful telling a power greater than me ‘Thank You’.  And I know that prayers are answered. So I’ll keep doing it.