D & D – an outsiders P.O.V.

It’s late – I’m outside.

There is a story being told.  And “For all intents and purposes” was used correctly.

AND, I heard “Cloud City” (Which, turned out to be ‘Floating City’ Bah!)

Am I in a Grammatically correct Star Wars right now?  Am I in HEAVEN?

No, I’m outside listening to my honey playing D & D online.



They’ve evolved.

#1: It’s online

Me: But how do you roll?

(Yeah, I used to play, total nerd, you knew that.)

#2: There’s a whole program for characters now!

#3: Dungeon Master doesn’t have to come up with the whole story anymore.

I’m listening to my guy explaining a whole new world to a group sitting on Skype and they haven’t even started yet!!  These are men in their 40’s!!!!!!

I love that my son played.  I love that there is still imagination.

I’m not sure if I love that it’s played this way now – the whole point was hovering over your character like you would a book with a flashlight past your bedtime.

Remember that?

Book lovers?

I remember that.

Ok, so now game is ON! And apparently ‘Stone Beard’ met up with my guy. LOL!


I’m not laughing out loud at the game – I’m actually laughing from happiness that there are still some people USING their imaginations and I will scurry from ‘Arden Wood’ and ‘Roma Quill’  and let them have their privacy.


But, right now, they’re in a forest – and are encouraged to ignore the Wizard from the coast …

BUT WAIT! My honey mentioned, they have a camp fire showing …

What will happen?  It’s a roll of the dice.  Do enemies see the fire and approach?  Or do they have sanctuary for the night with warmth from the campfire?

We’re seriously only going to know tomorrow, because, this girl is going inside and watching a horror movie. lol.

I love this shite.  Freaking love it.  GO IMAGINATION!


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I've traveled 4 continents, affording me experiences and adventures to last a lifetime. Most important was the exposure to other cultures, beliefs and lifestyles. I'm also mom to one of the most amazing human beings I know.

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