Musings from the Laundromat: The morning after – more thoughts about the strip club

“Close that ipad and let’s go.”  Got here late and that was the sentence I just heard from a mom to her son.

It’s no wonder I’m here late – after a long night at the strip joint and early morning eggplant – I’m ready to crawl back into bed.  But, the quilt is in the washing machine.

I keep thinking about last night.

I keep thinking about the common thread of how the girls were ‘numb’ to their environment.


Basically robots – doing their routines very routinely.

But it works for them.  They get to be home during the day for their children.  They get to pay the bills (after tipping out an insane percentage) and they strut their stuff with their significant others permission.

I’m not quite sure I get that part.  The amount of money tossed on stage dictated the amount of clothing they tossed off onto the stage.  Am I a prude for thinking I wouldn’t want someone I love sharing the intimacy of their body with strangers?

We’ll take ‘prude’ out of the equation, because after all, I was there.

I absolutely didn’t end up leaving there with any sort of judgements.

And I’ll be honest, a part of me would like to cross one stomp across a stage like that off my bucket list – but I’m not brave enough.  Not confident enough either.

I mentioned it to the girls, and they all said “Oh you have to!  They’ll let you!”  Um, no.

I’m 46, flat chested and while I have a routine down in my head that is choreographed to ‘Peek a boo’ by Siouxsie and the Banshees, I’m not ever going to enact that in reality.

I’ve done it in the car plenty of times though.  In my head. lol.

Bottom line is, I’m glad we went.  And I’m glad I met the ladies who shared their ‘behind the scenes’ with me.  They looked after one another and were kind to me.

After the interview, it was sort of sad to watch them dance, because, I felt closer to them.

I was uncomfortable with the leering bachelor party for leering.

But I also knew, the girls were doing their very rehearsed ‘thing’ with every loud click of high heels – and they were living that dance while running their upcoming children’s birthdays through their heads.




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