Nature vs Aperture

Meep Meep!

roadrunner cartoon

I’ve been taking my camera with me to work lately to avoid that ‘Arg! I wish I had my camera!’ moment at all times.

I’m STILL kicking myself about the vultures I missed shooting with a decent lens months and months ago.

It paid off.

We have a few roadrunners that visit our office daily.  It started out innocently – and let me say, trying to get a good/non-blurry shot of an antsy bird is not the easiest thing to do.  I share now some unedited shots of one of our visitors.




The Murder

As you can see, we gave it (and a roadrunner friend who I didn’t capture) offerings of cheese.  Which, they ate – but I guess one was still hungry.

I heard a thump a while later, and turned to see a small bird hitting the glass door while one of our visitors deftly snatched it out of the air.

I jumped up and grabbed my camera and prayed for a National Geographic moment.

I’ll warn you now – if you’re tender-hearted when it comes to creatures, (which I am, but was fascinated for some reason behind the camera watching nature at work) then don’t keep scrolling.





It all happened so fast – there wasn’t much of a struggle, and after reviewing the shot I got of its talons above, you can see why that might be.

I went out later to see what was left – nothing.   Nothing but a few feathers.  That gave me some measure of comfort … that none of the prey was wasted.


roadrunner cartoon2

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