A Darker Shade of Derek

Although I’m not going to spoil any details of Season 2 for those of you who have not yet had your Netflix marathon, now would be the time for this:

 Spoiler Alert!

I watched Season 1 unable to move from my perfect vantage point of Broad Hill. (Not to be confused with Broadmoor.  I grew up listening to that test  siren in England – you did not want to be outside if those residents should happen to take themselves on an outing.)



I was beyond excited for Season 2 of Derek.

I was in love with all the characters and missed them!

I had never seen anything quite like Derek – which did not fail to make me laugh AND cry in each and every well written episode.

(And yes, you shall need a box of tissues for Season 2 – I can tell you that.)

I became so smitten with the show that I then launched into a marathon of “An Idiot Abroad” to tide me over.

Then the big day arrived.

May 30th, 2014.

All of Season 2 available on Netflix.


I got comfy on the couch, as did my son who I managed to get hooked during the first marathon.

Pressed ‘Play’.

And was in stitches after the spider incident. (Alright, so that’s a tiny spoiler – or, actually, not so tiny *shudder*.)

What then happened as the first episode progressed, was me experiencing a desperate need to love Season 2 so very much that I kept smiling even while my mind was thinking, ‘Okay, what is going on here?’

What was wrong with Dougie’s wig??  Why the almost immediate exit?  Where was my closure????  (Ok, another spoiler – but that’s the last one I promise – and it’s not a big secret.)

I had to google.  WHY oh why was my Karl Pilkington abruptly and unceremoniously abandoning Broad Hill???

I found this quote by Mr. Gervais.

If you saw him in the first series, [he was] sweating [with nerves],” Gervais explained. “He couldn’t really act with other people, ‘cos he was so nervous. I honestly didn’t know whether to hug him or put him down!”

Ok.  I’d heard that before.

But, there couldn’t have been a real goodbye?

Dougie went through a lot more crap in Season 1 that should have had him running for the hills.

Then this information:

Though Pilkington only shot two days on Derek series two, Gervais argued that the character of Dougie “wasn’t really integral” to the show.


Not integral to the show???

Dougie was the moral compass of that show as far as this fan is concerned!

Yes, of course there’s Hannah, but as one of the ‘in crowd’ Dougie was the balance!

He said what we couldn’t.  Rolled eyes we couldn’t at the likes of Kev or some idiot insensitive resident relative or Council member.

And most importantly, he tempered Kev and Derek!

Which brings me to Kev.  I happen to love him too – but while Derek the show got darker, Kev’s antics in Season 2 went beyond the pale.

Except for a tender moment in a tie – his character was just … sad.  Sad and as usual, very horny.

Over the top.

And this is the opinion of a girl who couldn’t wait for the next installment of Kev’s Christmas Crackers videos on Youtube!

Here’s an example.

So you see – I’m not a prude.

I googled again – to see if there was anything more on Karl’s departure.



Well Karl, you not only got away with it – you made the character your own.

And for the record, ‘putting’ yourself in a situation and getting wound up by it’ is actually acting.

There are plenty of A listers that can’t do an Irish accent – or an English one *cough* Kevin Costner, Drew Barrymore *cough*

And you’re lucky you can remember that s***.

And we were lucky you could too.

And we miss you.


We’ll end on a high note shall we?

If you are EVER feeling down – watch this.  Watch it over, and over, and over.


Ricky’s laugh is so very contagious … and peeking behind the curtains of Season 1 is oh so satisfying.

I truly hope there will be a Season 3 – and if so – PLEASE please please may Dougie be in charge of those curtains again????



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  1. Amen, my thoughts exactly! I love Derek, but i loved Dougie just as much! I do believe he was an integral part of season one and i think his bit of acting was great. he certainly didn’t look like the amateur he really is. I was disappointed by season 2 because it was darker, Dougie was missing and Kev just got out of control and took the whole show spiraling down. Instead of putting an emphasis on Kev, Ricky should have put an emphasis on Dougie.

    • I so wanted it to go that way too – but then … Ricky is about reality. And if you follow him on Facebook you see what an advocate he is for animals etc. Tangent, sorry – Dougie was missed, but the integral part of the show was life. And they handled that well with the darker side – addressing it. And THANK YOU!!!! For reading and commmenting. x

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