Musings from the laundromat

I should have named my blog that.  ‘Musings from the laundromat’.

There’s something about being here that affords me the ability to declutter my mind and exhale.  I wonder, if someone said, “Hey, I have a washer and dryer you can have” if I would take them up on it?

Yeah, I totally would – but I don’t hate being here.

Usually there’s music playing in here, but not today.  It’s vewy, vewy, quiet.  We’re rabbit hunting.  Shhhhh.

And a cart rumbling by breaks the silence.  To my right is an older couple.  The man is reading and as I glanced over, I caught the eye of the woman.  I smiled.  I’m not sure if she smiled back or if she was trying to get a piece of food out of her molar. Her mouth moved and there’s fast food in front of her – hard to tell.

They’re actually sitting at my table of preference.  Hmph!  I’m under a rainbow clothed umbrella at an absurd little round table for four.  Like something you would see at an amusement park food court.

Fun fun fun!  Woooo!  Watch the dryers tumble from your fun 4 red seated table.

Actually, from here I have a view of the bathrooms and the back door.

My table is open …. right this way.  Now I can show you the amusement park table.


My keyboard keeps locking up on me.  Obviously in between the woooo! And my table being vacated, time passed.  That time lapse would be me trying to get my ipad’s blue tooth keyboard to respond to me.

And the post was so thrilling!  Can’t believe my train of thought was derailed.

Okay.  So let’s muse.

Its Saint Patricks day today, I’m going to make fajitas.  And, since I don’t drink, there will be no green beer or Irish Whiskey.  Not entirely sure why Americans celebrate St. Patricks day?  I mean, unless that’s your ancestry.

I’m from the United Kingdom and wouldn’t be able to tell you much about the day.  I think there were snakes and a guy named  Patrick drove them out?  How did that translate to green beer?

Reminds me of a joke I tell my friend Mario every year (he taught it to me, but it’s our ‘thing’ we do)

Q: Why do Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

A: Because they can’t pronounce dias y seis de Septiembre

Love it.  And yes, I know America is a melting pot, but for all intents and purposes I’m referring to non-Irish Americans and non-Hispanic Americans.

Just cracks me up.  Any excuse for a party.  Because I don’t buy the diversity of culture acceptance crap.  I’d love that to be true.  But  then I picture a sloppy drunk blonde on a bar wearing a collection of green beads, her stomach wet from a body shot and yelling “I’m here to honor the Irish and their rich history!  Yeah baby!”

And that hope dies.

Then in my imagination, she falls off the bar.  Ha!

Would be great though, wouldn’t it?  If everyone was so accepting and tolerant of one another and celebrated heritages not their own.

The only green thing I hope to see today is fall out from that CME.  I do hope for green skies.  Seeing an aurora is on my bucket list.

What happens when you cross everything off your list?!  Oof!  I guess go to the laundromat, clear your cluttered head and start a new one eh?

Well, my dryer has 6 minutes left on it – so I will thank you for keeping me company during my outing.

And if you are going to party today, be safe, have fun and watch out for snakes and falling blondes.

Soup out.

About debaucherysoup

I've traveled 4 continents, affording me experiences and adventures to last a lifetime. Most important was the exposure to other cultures, beliefs and lifestyles. I'm also mom to one of the most amazing human beings I know.

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  1. I enjoy having a washer and dryer in my basement. 😀

  2. Now what the heck!! There is an umbrella…indoors…seems redundant, so of COURSE it’s AWESOME!! I like the pointlessness of life, and it IS an exceptionally pretty, pointless decoration.

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