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Pedestrian crossing

I am very, very, very patient.  I drive my son bonkers sometimes with my patience.

I have no problem waiting in line at the grocery store or the bank.  I’ve always had a comeback for those who are getting antsy “you know, there are some people who would give anything to be in this line right now”.

Behind a slow car?  I slow down.  “Why don’t you pass them?”  to which I respond to my son, who just said it, “Do you have somewhere to be?”.

There is one thing though, that drives me bananas!

Pedestrians crossing in front of me without so much as a little finger wave of gratitude or nowadays, not even looking up to acknowledge I’m there!

I’m waiting as they slowly meander (usually diagonally) to the other side.

Oh – My – Dog!

(I say that instead of OMG, I’m not referring to my actual dog, who knows how to hustle across a road by the way).

Put some giddy-up in that step!!

Used to be it was the younger walker.  You could always count on an elder to make eye contact, give a little nod or wave and walk with some speed in thanks.

Not anymore. 

Not sure what bothers me so much about it – because I’m honestly not in a hurry.  I think maybe it’s because it seems to have gone from having the ‘right of way’ to having a sense of unappreciated entitlement. 

Which brings me to manners in general.

When did we stop saying ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’?  Well, I didn’t stop.  And it seems to amaze store clerks, waiters,  and anyone else who provides a service to me.

And don’t give me that ‘they get paid to do it’ crap either. 

I get so upset when on the rare occasion I’m behind someone in a drive through and hear “Yeah … gimme a number 5”. 



I always do my job.  But I’ll be honest, if someone is polite to me – pleasant on the phone or smiles in person, I’m much more likely to go the extra mile for them. 

But it shouldn’t just be to get something back.  For me, it’s just first nature to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.  Besides not getting spit in my food or cans put on top of my eggs in my shopping bag – it feels good and it feels right!

And when I cross the damn street, even if I’m in a cross walk, I make eye contact with the waiting driver and raise my hand in thanks and do the little skip-into-fast -walk thingy.

“Thank you” for stopping by, and “thank you” for reading.