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Imaginary pie


My boss brought quiche in today.  (Besides being a loan officer, he’s a restaurateur – which really works to my benefit considering I like to eat.)

My piece didn’t stand a chance – I heated it up and poured my small ramekin of hot sauce on the side of my paper plate and devoured.

A while later, after he’d just eaten his, I went into his office and sat at his desk to discuss a file with him.

Now, I KNEW he had eaten quiche.  But, in the split second that I caught a glimpse of his empty paper plate, stained orange from the sauce – topped with his crumpled napkin, my mind saw something completely different.


Me:   Want to hear how my mind works?

Him: (Audible eye roll)

Me: I KNEW you had quiche – but when I glanced at your plate, what I saw was remnants of pumpkin pie with a mound of whipped cream

Him: You need help

Me: No, I have an imagination

Him: No, you really need help


I kept smiling – but inside, I was frowning and I actually allowed myself to wonder for a moment if perhaps I really am a little teeny-tiny bit crazy.  (I even asked my best friend – who assured me via email I’m not.  Then again, birds of a feather …)

I left clutching the file to my chest and wanting to smuggle his plate out to serve as ‘Exhibit A’. 

I would then have been able to show it to other people in the building.  I needed confirmation that it wasn’t just me.  After all, it was only this week no one could see my snowman’s arm!

Instead of giving more people reason to believe I need help of the mental kind, I have reenacted his plate using mine. (Which isn’t weird at all … okay, it’s totally weird, but it was the lesser of two weirds.)

You can’t tell me this doesn’t look like pumpkin and whipped cream!  No?  Squint.