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Home is where the naked mole rat is.

I like odd things. I like them around me.  I nest ^_^

To call my tastes in music, literature, perfumes and decor ‘eclectic’ would be putting it very mildly.

Some of my favorite things surround me at home.

I have a naked mole rat in my bathroom on a shelf (did you know, they’re the only mammals known to live in a eusocial environment with a caste system?  Yes, there are Queen Naked Mole Rats, how cool is that?!.  And they’re adorable to boot).

(Here’s a web cam you can visit to see them in action:

Snails join my rat on the shelf – I collected snails after studying them for quite a while.  I have snails from amazing artists all over the world.  (Did you know, snails are cupid like … well, they use a ‘love dart’.   A calcareous spike is fired into a potential mate, and almost all land snails are hermaphrodites?)

I also have framed Michael Parkes, Carol Jessen and Monet stored in there too.

OK, so I’m in my 40’s and our kitchen boasts framed cereal boxes of Count Chocula, Boo Berry and Franken Berry.  It’s also where the Punch and Judy bank, pine cone owl and a Japanese lantern lives.  I love color! And fun!

Living room?  A purple couch, red rug – Breakfast at Tiffany’s artwork, Family Guy figurines, an angel and a boxed Hikaru Sulu (who doesn’t love George Takei’s Facebook page?)

My bedroom … good grief.  From Yoda to my own paintings – fairy lights, an Indian elephant wind chime and books from Worlds End to Soul Pancake.

No matter where I’ve ended up, my little bits and pieces make home ‘home’ for me.

Do I even need to say it?  I KNOW ‘things’  aren’t as important as people.  But talk about simple pleasures!  Evey little piece reminds me of a happy time in my life.  The elephants?  Being in an outdoor market in India.  Yoda?  My love for Star Wars.

When I come home – after a long day at work or am feeling a little down, no matter what room I’m in there’s something fun to put a smile on my face.

I like happy.